Thursday, 11 May 2017


Skateboarding is the act of riding on a skateboard. A person who skateboards is called a “skateboarder”.
Skateboarding can be a hobby, an art, a job, or a way of moving around. Skateboarding has changed by many skateboarders over many years. A 2002 report by an American Sports Data found that there were 18.5 million skateboarders in the world.
Skateboarding started when surfers in California wanted to take surfing to the street. The first skateboard was invented in the 1950s. From that moment, the new culture of skateboarding was created.

It is the basic trick of the skateboard, is “the mom of the old of trick”. It is a jump with the board.
It is a similar to the ollie, but it is more difficult.
Dani I. J.
4th ESO A

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