Thursday, 10 May 2018

Wattpad, an Opportunity for Writers

Today is my turn and I will explain my personal experience. Since I was six years I wanted to be writer, and one year ago I discovered a new app called “Wattpad,” where writers can write their stories and readers can read for free.
It wss when I started to write again, and I wrote a story called “A Friendzone Love” (Un amor de friendzone). At first, this story didn’t have many views, but one year later this story got popularity and now it has 11K views. I’m very proud to finally post this story, and I am sure that in one future not very far, “A Friendzone Love” can get more views.
“This was my first story, it’s about a girl, called Diana, that moves out to a little town. Her best friend Lucas follows her because he has felt in love with her, but she doesn’t love him back. In that moment a battle starts inside Luca. Then new characters appear in the story. They will make the situation more diffiicult, like Mark who stands between Diana and Lucas (impossible) love. Besides, all characters have mutual passion, music, and will create a band of rock to participate in a music contest. When this band is near to the final, Diana’s life is more complicated with the appearance of his dad and a new stepsister.
So, Diana and Lucas will have to get use to a new situation and decide if everything that’s happening to them is more important than their friendship.”
On the other side, a few months ago I started another story called “The boy of mom” about spies and mystery.
“The story takes place when Zaira, the main character, comes out to Jonathan’s house and a man starts to go after her and try to kill her. Otherwise, Zac and Zaira share the same past, Zac brother’s and Zaira mom’s died in a University Fire and no one knows the reason and the news, the firemen or the policemen didn’t give them information. Zaira didn’t have an easy life, but now, she will have to investigate her past and survive, and the most difficult to her, she will have to trust in others. “
I hope I can publish my books in a near future.
-       Judith Esteban, alias “Juddes”
Judith E. B.
3rd ESO B

Kylie Jenner

The smallest of the KARDASHIAN/JENNER CLAN has taken out its line of cosmetics in which not only sells, beauty products, she also personalized cases and clothing. Else has just been a mother of a girl, which BA called STORYM, at the age of 19.
His partner and father of a little daughter is TYGA, the African-American RAP singer.

Lola S. C.
3rd ESO B


Video games are addictive but at the same time are good, because it is a way to have fun and also they expand your imagination. You can also play with friends. But not everything is good, because you can hook up so much to play that you will never want to leave home. If you play many hours in a row you can have problems with vision and even you will have to wear glasses. Also the video games are a good method to distract you if you get bored. You can also meet people from the rest of the world. Finally video games after all are good but not for a long time.
Dani P. M. 
3rd ESO A

How to Get Away with a Murder

How to get away with a murder is an American TV Series that we can see in the platform Netflix. This Series is about a law teacher (Annalise Keating) in the prestigious Philadelphia University. She is the best lawyer and she teaches to her students how to be the best lawyer. In her class she choose five of her students and they are the assistants of Annalise. In all the chapters Annalise has to resolve a crime or a problem and these students are helping to the lawyer and searching some clues to identify the criminal so this helps to Annalise in the trial. Annalise had an award and if some of these students had this award he or she needn’t do the exam and they passed the course.
I recommend this TV Series because it is a great series of mystery and thriller and if you want to be a lawyer in your future this series is perfect for you.

Nerea H. F.
4th ESO B


Today I will explain to you one of my favorite bands... EXO
EXO or 엑소 in Korean, is a South Korean K-pop band that debuted in 2012 with formerly 12 members who currently are 9 in the group, formed by Kai, Sehun, Chanyeol, DO, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen and Xiumin (currently Luhan, Kris and Tao are not in the group). The name of EXO comes from the word EXO Planet, name of the fictional planet where they come from.
The group's fan club is EXO-L, which comes from EXO-Love. (I'm an EXO-L)
In 2013 they were able to jump to fame thanks to their first album XOXO (kisses and hugs). Their next albums like, EXODUS (2015), EX'ACT (2016) and The War (2017), continued to be successful, obtaining more than one million copies sold, that by the way album "The war" is my favorite album of this group.
On January 16, "Power" became the first K-pop song to be played at the Dubai Fountain and in February they announced that they would perform at the closing ceremony of the Pyeongchang (South Korea) 2018 Winter Olympics, which final I could not see.
I cannot continue explaining much because then this would be very long...
I hope that someday they arrive here to perform a concert in Barcelona or Madrid... I hope.

Christian A. D.
4th ESO B 

Room Escape

Nowadays, it has become very fashionable. It consists on being lock in a room where you and your mates have to sort out some questions to get the key and finally run away for the room. One of the tests that you can find while you are working on is a  jigsaw puzzle, another one is finding hints that allow you to get out of the room. These activities test your physical or mental skills or both at the same time

Normally these games last between 60 and 90 minutes. It depends on the level of difficulty that you want to choose. You have to play in a small group between 2 to 6 people. It’s classified by different topics like mystery or adventure. The room escape was created in 2008 in Japan but it arrived in Europe in 2011 and it’s getting very popular among teenagers and young adults although it’s suitable for all ages.
In the last two years I have participated in 6 rooms escape. I strongly recommend having this experience with your family or your friends at least once. The ones I enjoyed most were “El Paciente” that took place in Málaga in summer 2017. The other one was called “The Gourmet” in Lloret de Mar at the end of 2017. If you haven’t had this experience I encourage you to try it and you can check how satisfied you feel when you get the key to leave the room on time. I can’t understand how it has become so popular.

Alejandro D. M.
3rd ESO B

13 Reasons Why

I am going to talk about 13 Reasons Why. It is an American TV series in Netflix. It has 31 episodes and it was released on March 13th, 2017. It is based on the 2007 novel written by Jay Asher and adapted by Brian Yorker.

This series is about one teenager, Clay (one of the main characters), who received a box that has 7 tapes. One tape included 2 in front and behind of the tape in which Hannah, her schoolmate, explains why she committed suicide and finished her life. Also another schoolmates have the same tapes and the person that has these tapes is because he/she is one of the reasons of her death. In the tapes she explains events about her friendships, reputation, love, frustration, deceptions etc… and things that hurts her.
If they don’t follow the rules in the tapes, information about each person that has the tape will be revealed. The students don’t want because if they carry on, I some students will be charged of bullying or that could be in a jail. Also they could feel embarrassment because what they did to her.
On May 18th 2018 it will be released the second season with more drama about the consequences of Hannah Baker’s death.
Melanie A. D.
3rd ESO B