Wednesday, 7 June 2017


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Here you have some videos designed by 4th ESO students!

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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Collateral Beauty

Last summer, I went to Madrid with my family and I went to the cinema with them. We didn’t know what film to watch. Finally, my cousin said “I would like to watch “Collateral Beauty”, my friends watched it and they recommended it to me.” I think that this film will be boring and I won’t like it, but I watched it because one of my favourite actors, Will Smith, is in it and he is so pretty and acts very well.
This film is about one man who is sad, because two years ago, his daughter died, and he doesn’t know what to do. He waits for “love” “time” and “death”. His friends don’t like seeing him like this because he can’t concentrate for work and they try to like help him. They create a plan to force him to face his sufferings in a surprising and deeply humane way. They ask for help from three street actors to represent death, time, and love, and to talk to him so he understands it all. Little by little he recovers from pain, but he needs one person…

If you want to know what happened I recommend this movie! You will not regret watching it! I left the cinema crying, it was one of the best movies that I’ve seen… It also causes many feelings. It was definitely one of the best days out with my family.
Pamela Q. R.
4th ESO B

Blue Jeans

His true name is Francisco de Paula Fernández and is known as Blue Jeans. He was born in Seville and he is an author from Spain with many followers in his social networking sites. He has a degree in journalism, and he lives in Madrid. He wrote the books, “El club de los incomprendidos”, “Buenos dias princesa!”,”No sonrías que me enamoro” and “¿Puedo soñar con tigo? And the series ended with “Tengo un secreto: el diario de Meri”. It has become the biggest phenomenon in literature from Spain, and is a popular romantic youth novel.
These books are translated into multiple languages, his novels have more than 600,000 followers and his book, “El club de los incomprendidos”, was adapted into a film.

He has been recognized with the prestigious “Premio Cervantes Chico 2013” award.
Alexia E. A.
4th ESO A

Prison Break

Hi bloggers! In this post I will tell you about one of my favourite TV series. Prison Break is a TV series that at first I didn’t like because it was about two brothers in prison... but when I saw three episodes I liked so much. There is a man (Lincoln Burrows) and the police said that he killed a famous person, but he said that this is not true. His brother (Michael Scoffield) goes into the prison that Lincoln is held to try and rescue him. But an important thing about Michael is his body; he has a big tattoo with the plans of the prison and how to escape all over his body. His mission is to go into the prison and to escape with his brother. 
Nerea H. F.
3rd ESO B

A Normal Game

Hi bloggers!
We introduced ourselves six weeks ago. When we had a league match and we won second place, since our team lost in the previous game.
This would be the last game; we would find out if we were winners or losers.
The game began, the referee threw the ball and a teammate passed the ball to me, so I grabbed it and without thinking twice threw it at the basket and scored. We had already broken the ice. The match was tied. In the second quarter of the game we were already five points behind, so we thought we would lose the game, but that was not true. We played with team spirit and we went out onto the court with all our strength. The remaining score was eight points up. We started the third quarter but we were getting nervous. The minutes passed, the seconds were faster and faster, but the important thing was that we were winning. The last few minutes of the game were very tense but we won. We had obtained our objective which was to win!

And finally the game ended. We had a very tense but fun party, now we are champions!!

Nerea F. M.
3rd ESO A

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Excercise outdoors or in the gym?

The two forms are very healthy but what is the best form to do excercise?       The benefits of gym exercise are: the intensity is better, there are no climatologically distractions, and you can focus more as there aren’t distractions. And the finals results are better. 
But the disadvantages are: it is very boring running on  a treadmill; you can have distractions.

The benefits of outdoors exercise are: reduces stress and anxiety, when you run near parks, gardens you relax and the mind clears. Besides you become addicted because that feeling of liberation engages. And the only disadvantage is when the weather is bad.
Àngel V. A.
3rd ESO B

The Plants

Plants are living beings just like animals, they have no movement.
Plants produce their own food through the process of photosynthesis. They capture the energy of sunlight through chlorophyll and convert carbon dioxide and water into sugars that they use as an energy source.
A plant is composed of four parts, which are:
The root: its function is to fix the plant. Through it the plants obtain nutrients from the soil.
The stem: is the one that gives support to the plant. Some stems are thin and flexible, others, like those of trees, are woody and hard.
The leaf: is the structure where photosynthesis and respiration takes place.
The flower is the reproductive organ. Inside it has all the organs it needs to make the fruit and the seed.
Plants have different types with different characteristics, these are:
Green plants like algae
Earth plants like moss.
Vascular plants such as ferns
Plants with seeds like conifers.
The vascular plants are called superior plants or cormófitas that comprise of the flora. Its main characteristic is that they present a real differentiation of tissues in root, stem, leaves, flowers....
The terrestrial plants are plants that are characterized by having a series of adaptations for life outside the water, and that are therefore responsible for the colonization of the earth by the plants.
Green plants as their name suggests are plants with a greenish color.
Seed plants are a group of plants comprising all vascular plant lineages that produce seeds.

Gabriel B. C.
4th ESO A