Friday, 16 March 2018

The Five Kingdoms

During the last weeks, the boys and girls of 1st E.S.O have done a biology project in base groups. During this project, we have been studying the five kingdoms. They are: The protist kingdom, animal kingdom, plant kingdom, fungi kingdom and monera kingdom. We have been working on all aspects of these kingdoms, reviewing the information, and practicing a lot. In order to choose which group would make each kingdom we made a raffle. We had three hours to prepare a Power Point and two hours to explain the expositions.
During these three hours we had Amy with us, a conversation assistant who came to help us. We have practice a lot of English with her. During this week we are exposing our Power Points and we have been taken notes from the expositions of our mates. In these notes we write specific information that our teacher asked us before. The notes will be part of the final mark.
We have enjoyed and learnt a lot!!!!
Martina C.
1st ESO A

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Santa Clarita Diet

Hi bloggers! Today I’m gonna talk about Santa Clarita Diet.
Santa Clarita Diet is an original serie of Netflix, about a horror comedy.
It was premiered for the first time on 3rd February last year.
It's about a couple of real estate agents Sheila and Joel who live in Santa Clarita. One day Sheila vomits something that seems to be an organ. Joel begins to worry and he believes that his wife is a living dead, because he has noticed a strange behavior in her, for example his heart doesn’t beat.
Then very funny facts happen, but at the same time it is strange and scary so if you want to know which facts are... You have to watch the series.
So I recommend it to all of you. It only has 10 chapters, that's the bad thing. But in a few days it will be released the second season, 23rd March. I’m so excited!
I hope you all listen to me and watch it.
See you!
Marina M. S.
4th ESO B

What can we do after the ESO?

Choosing your academic and professional future isn’t easy and it isn’t a fast process, that is why you should not hurry with the election, it is very important to know very well all the options and then choose.
There aren’t better studies than others; it depends on my profession in the future.
The first question you have to ask is: Where will you be in a few years and what kind of work you would like to do?
It exists a tool that allows you to help; it is the GR orientation test. This test will tell you which is the sector or sectors that best fits  you and the studies that are related to it.
You can choose between the professional studies and the baccalaureate, once you finish the ESO.
Professional Studies: these are more practical and specific studies. They last two years and have theoretical and practical education. Once these studies are finished, you get the technical degree of the corresponding profession that allows you to start working on what you have studied.
Baccalaureate: they are more theoretical studies that aren’t integrated in a specific profession and that prepare to access to higher education (either higher education or university studies). The baccalaureate is divided into three specialties, depending on the studies you want to study after high school. For example, a person who wants to study architecture that is a technological baccalaureate, has to choose the subjects of mathematics, physics and technical drawing that are the most suitable to access to these university studies.
It is important to see in detail the options that you have at your disposal, the characteristics of each one of the studies and your professional outings before deciding.
Anna T. C.
4th ESO A

Types of Malware

Malware or malicious software is a type of software that has the objective of damaging a system. Inside the malware you can see different kinds like virus, trojans, worm, keyloggers, botnets, ransomwares, spyware, adware, hijackers, rootkits, bootkits, rogues…
Adware: an adware is a program with the objective of infesting your pc with advertisements. To prevent that you should read the terms and use of some freeware because they can include information about this.
Spyware: a spyware is a program with the objective of spying someone without his consent. This type of malware usually usually used in companies to spy others.
Botnets: this type of malware is used to create an army of zombie computers that later attacks someone.
Keyloggers: keylogger is a software that captures the keys that you are pressing and later sends them to the user that created the program. It is usually used to steal users and passwords.
Rootkits: this malware is used to give privileged functions of a system and then hide the process that are being run by a cracker or a hacker.
Virus: a virus is a malware that can be reproduced and transmitted in a system causing damage like a lost data, crash pc…
Trojans: a trojan is a type of malware that it can go unnoticed and it’s used to install other malware in the system.
Worm: the worms are like viruses, the only different is that the worms don’t need an archive to continue living. Worms usually reproduce in different media like networks peer to peer and mails.
Ransomwares: the ransomwares are malware that encrypt the pc information. To decrypt that information, you usually have to pay or follow a series of instructions.
Backdoors: this malware allows to its owner the access to the system and control all the files and data.
Alejandro B. G.
4th ESO A

Thursday, 8 March 2018

The Greatest Showman

This movie is a musical directed by Michael Gracey. This movie is based on real facts.
It is about the biography of a man who is called Phineas Taylor Barnum. This man created his own circus. This film was difficult to record because there are many choreographies and acrobatics on the air and the actress, Zendaya that makes this acrobatic wasn’t an expert. The actors sang the songs themselves.  The main character Phineas Taylor Barnum was interpreted by Hugh Jackman. Interpreting Phillip Carlyle we have Zac Efron and as Anne Wheeler we have Zendaya.
The songs of the film are:
1.    "The Greatest Show" – Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya
2.    "A Million Dreams" –  Jackman
3.    "A Million Dreams" (Reprise) – Austyn Johnson, Cameron Seely, Jackman
4.    "Come Alive" – Jackman, Settle, Daniel Everidge, Zendaya
5.    "The Other Side" – Jackman & Efron
6.    "Never Enough" – Loren Allred
7.    "This Is Me" – Settle
8.    "Rewrite the Stars" – Efron & Zendaya
9.    "Tightrope" – Williams
10.  "Never Enough" (Reprise) – All red
11.  "From Now On" – Jackman
If you like the musicals you'll like it sure!
Marta S. V.
4th ESO A

One of the Most Important Decisions in Our Lives

In this last course we are going to decide Batxillerat or Cicle. I think that this decision is very important.
Many of my friends in class say they don't now, because we don’t know what profession we will have in the future.
The most common comment is that the Batxillerat is very difficult and I go to the Cicle because it is easier.I think that people who go to Baxillerat is because they want to go to University.
People who decide Cicle have two possibilities, the first is because we are lazy people and we don’t like to study or the second possibility is because we know more or less our profession in the future and we want to try the job we think about.
The conclusion is that if you like to study the decision is  perfect but if you are not sure about your future profession, it’s better to go to the Cicle.

Dani P. O.
4th ESO B

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is a TV series that is available in Netflix. Gossip Girl talks about the life of some rich children that live in Manhattan, New York. In this TV series, it happens things like murders, money problems, money deals and other typical teenagers’ problems, like love and desires, fights between different classes and people…
One of the main characters of the series is Serena, which is the daughter of one of the richest couple in New York. Serena falls in love with Dan, which is the son of one normal couple, but not with a lot of money. The secondary characters are Blair, the daughter of the most famous woman in New York, who has a fashion company. Blair is Chuck Bass’ girlfriend that mainly is a bad person, but as the years go by, he begins to be a good person. Another character is Nate Archibald, Blair’s ex-boyfriend, who falls in love with Jenny, Dan’s sister in one of the seasons. There are more characters like the parents or the friends that are incorporated later in the series. In the series, Blair and Serena are usually fighting for boys or for other themes. There are also problems with the parents of the children, two of them fall in love in a forbidden way, and they have to hide their love story to all the people, especially to the paparazzi, that are always taking photos and keeping a close eye on them. The series has more or less 6 seasons with 20 chapters each one. I like Gossip Girl because it explains things like forbidden loves, fights with bands and groups. I also love Gossip Girl because I love watching long series and I spend a lot of time watching them.

Àfrica S. E.
3rd ESO B