Thursday, 26 January 2017

Scream Queens

Scream Queens is a TV series created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan for FOX. Scream Queens is an American comedy horror series which premiered on September 22 of 2015 in the United States of America. This TV series is formed by two seasons, and both contain thirteen episodes.
The first season talks about the Kappa Kappa Tau (KKT) sorority in Wallace University, which is forced to accept whoever who wants to be a part of their sorority. At the same time, a serial killer (the Red Devil) starts murdering people from the university, and these murders are related to a crime committed twenty years ago inside the KKT residence. This crime was committed in 1995, when one girl died after having a baby during a party in the KKT house. Twenty years later, the sorority is leaded by the Chanels, headed by Chanel Oberlin, whose enemy is Dean Cathy Munsch (who also has been attacked several times by the serial killer). This serial killer uses the mascot uniform, which is a Red Devil, and the “Red Devil” becomes the killer’s nickname.
The second season tells the story two years after the murders and the incidents occurred during the first season. The students from Wallace University are now graduates, and they will have to face new murders in a strange hospital. The Chanels are free (they are not in jail anymore) and they have become medicine students in order to become doctors. Cathy Munsch stops being “Dean Munsch” and she founds the hospital (called the C.U.R.E. Institute), because she wants to cure rare illnesses. Also, those murders mentioned before are committed by another serial killer who uses a Green Meanie costume.
The main characters of Scream Queens are:
·         Chanel Oberlin: she is the president of KKT and the leader of the Chanels. She is selfish, cruel, insensitive and she is the most popular girl of Wallace University. Her boyfriend is Chad Radwell.
·         Grace Gardner: she is a new girl who wants to join the sorority (because her mother had been president of KKT). She starts investigating about the Red Devil with her friend Pete when many students are murdered. She is an important character during the first season but she does not appear in the second season.
·         Hester Ulrich: she Is the daughter of the girl who died after having a baby during a KKT party. She has a brother, Boone. They have been brought up by Gigi Caldwell (the sister of the girl who took charge of the babies). All of them are the Red Devil.
·         Chanel #2, Chanel #3, Chanel #5: they are Chanel Oberlin’s followers. All of them form the Chanels.

Cathy Munsch: during the first season, she is “Dean Munsch”. She hates the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority and her enemy is Chanel Oberlin. During the second season, she founds the C.U.R.E. Institute to try to cure strange illnesses.
Some of the members of the cast during a press conference                     

Andrea S. C.
4th ESO B


Blindspot is a TV serie, that is emitted in AXN channel on Thursdays at 10:30 pm. The main characters of this serie is Kurt Weller, He works in FBI with his friends and partners: Edgar Reed, Tasha Zapata, Patterson and his boss,Bethany Mayfair. Jane Doe will help them to catch the criminals.

This serie happens in New York and one day in Times Square, a policeman finds a bag with a label that says: Call the FBI, so he thinks it is a bomb. When the FBI arrives to Times Square, the bag starts to open and inside the bag is Jane,  naked, with her body tattoed. Someone has erased her memory. When she turned on, she discovered that the name of Kurt Weller has been tattooed in her skin. When FBI taked to the department to interview her, they discovered that her memory has been erased. Then, Director Mayfair asks Kurt if he knows Jane, but he doesn’t know who she is. Later the analyst Patterson, investigates Jane’s tattoos, and she discovers that each tattoo is a clue of federal cases that are confidential. From her tattoos, they started to investigated who she was and who has made that. She started to recover her memory,  and she realized that she knew Kurt Weller since a long time. Also, she knows that she was military,  and in her dreams her ex-husband appeared, a character that in the second season will be more important. As the time goes by, FBI will resolve more cases thanks to her tattoos. The Director Mayfair didn’t trust her, because Jane keeps a very big and important secret.

Laura S. C.
4t ESO B


I talk about football because I like it. It is a team sport, you have to work with your team and you have to encourage and support your team members. Playing football is a team work, it is like your family, you love the coach and you love the other players.
I love football and play it since I was a child, for this reason I continue practising it. Now it’s more difficult and it is more competitive with another teams.
There are a lot of people that think football is a violent sport, but I think this is not the true image.

Dani P. O.
3r ESO B

My Favourite Toy

Hi, this week I will write about an object that has been important to me since childhood. It's my favorite toy, his name is Buddy and it has been my best friend since I was two or three years old. I always played with it in my free time in my house, and It made me have a lot of fun because when I stretched him from his rope, he said "I count on you Mr. Potato" and more things. I chose it, because I had seen the movie of Toy Story and I bought it with my grandfather. This is one of the reasons why I continue taking care of this toy, because I have seen my grandfather only once in my life but that was when I was very small. Every time I see my favorite toy, I remember my grandfather with much affection. And now that I am older, I will give it to my little brother to play with him and when he will get older, I will explain Buddy’s story so that he also has a memory of my grandfather.

Abraham C. M.
3rd ESO A

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Ariana Grande, "The Honey Moon Tour" (My Experience)

The concert was in June. To be exact, the 16th of June, 2015. I remember that day with affection. I was so nervous because I was going to see my favorite singer, Ariana Grande. That day I woke up very early, because I was going to camp, to be in the first row.
I was there for 9 hours, the time didn’t pass, it was eternal.
When I was there, I met some girls who were from a WhatsApp group of “Arianators Barcelona”, (internet friends), and for me it was so special because I could meet them in person.
Finally, I entered at the Palau Sant Jordi, but “Grande” wasn’t there. Before Ariana, a girl called Paula Rojo sang, she was a finalist of the program “La Voz”. In my opinion it was very good, but she was a little bit nervous.
And of course, Ariana was amazing, she played all my favorite songs of “My Everything” her new album, and also she sang Yours Truly and explicit songs like “Pink Champagne”.
The truth is that Ariana sings like in the album, it is the same, her voice is so beautiful live.
This year Ariana returns with her new tour “Dangerous Woman World Tour”. I´m sure that it is equal or better than the Honeymoon Tour. 
Gisela C. C.
4th ESO B

Arthur Conan Doyle

Hi bloggers!
Let me talk about my favourite writer.
Arthur Conan Doyle, known for being the creator of Sherlock Holmes and a British Physician, was born on 22 May 1859 in Scotland, and died on 7 July 1930 in England.
He studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh Medical School, and in the free time of his physician work, he wrote the Sherlock’s Novels as a hobby.
In 1887, he published the first novel of Sherlock Holmes “A Study in Scarlet”. He won a lot of fame, so he continued writing the Sherlock Holmes Adventure’s.
In 1893, Arthur tired of his character Sherlock, decided to give the end to Sherlock in the novel ‘’The Memoirs of the Sherlock Holmes’’ in the chapter ‘’The Final Problem’’, but pressured by fans of Sherlock Holmes, the author decided to revive his character in the novel ‘’The Return of Sherlock Holmes’’ in 1903-1904.

In all his life he published 9 novels:
 A Study in Scarlet.
 The Sign of Four.
 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. 
The Return of Sherlock Holmes.
The Hound of the Baskerville.
His Last Bow.
 The Valley of Fear.
The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes.
Yun Lin C.
4th ESO B

Divided Eggs

Hi bloggers!
Here you have a very interesting recipe:
-sticks of crab

1. First grind the olive and the sticks of crab.
2. When you finish grinding the mass, add the mayonnaise.
3. Later, break the eggs in half.
4. Take out the yolk and put it in the mass.
5. You have divided eggs

Tip: I recommended that you make the mayonnaise in your house because it is better than the mayonnaise that you buy.

Israel V. R.
4th ESO A

Robin Hood

Hi, I want to talk to you about my favourite Disney movie “Robin Hood”.
This movie is represented with animals.
Robin Hood is a fox. He steals money from rich people to give to the poor people.
He steals with his best friend “Little John”.
They steal because there is a Prince, “The Prince Juan” that raises taxes a lot, and the King makes the poor people go to prison.
He wants to be the real King, but he knows that the real King is his brother “The King Ricardo”, but now he is fighting in another country.
That lets “Prince Juan” to take the control of Nottingham.
The objective of the Prince Juan is to kill Robin Hood, because he is stealing “his money”.
In this film you can see adventure, friendship and love.

Raquel M. C.
3rd ESO A

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Revival Tour

Revival Tour is the second soloist tour of the American singer Selena Gomez, in support of her second album Revival. The tour began in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on May 6, 2016. On August 30, the artist reported in a press release that, taking into account the symptoms of her illness (lupus), she needed a break. She announced the cancellation of some concerts in October and November.
The singer confessed a year ago that she was diagnosed with Lupus, something that forced her to perform a hard chemotherapy treatment. Now Selena Gomez has confessed that some symptoms have returned, such as anxiety and depression, and she wants to avoid a relapse by focusing on her health: "I want to be proactive and focus on maintaining my health and happiness, and for this I have decided that the best Way to do it is taking some time ".

She wanted to thank all the support received from her fans, who immediately after hearing the news have started sending tweets with the hashtag #SelenaGetWellSoon: "Thank you to all my fans for your support. You know how special you are for Me, but I need to focus on this to make sure I'm doing everything I can to give all of me”.

Gisela C. C.
4th ESO B

The Shallows

Hi bloggers! Have you seen "The Shallows"?
Is a drama and suspense film starred by Blake Lively.
Nancy decided to go to Mexico to find the beach that her mother spoke about, as an attempt to get over her loss. While she is surfing, she's attacked by a shark and is trapped in the sea  with the only company of a gull that is also injured. With her resources, she will try to survive.  As the tide does not finish covering all the stones, she tries to reach some place where they can stay and be warn.

Will she get out of that Paradise?

Andrea A. T.
4th ESO A

Is Being a "youtuber" something easy or difficult?

I think that being a  YouTuber is difficult and easy at the same time. The difficult part is that when you create your own channel, you haven’t got followers, so you begin to pay until you have a minimum of visualizations, which is difficult. The funny part is that when you are already “famous", you take products to your house so in your channel, you can recommend them and do advertising. It is something that is free and others desire to make more money. Apart from that, you can send invitations to go to events and you can see the products that you want. If you wish to be a YouTuber in the future, you also have an obligation with the people you see, because if you say that you will upload a video on Tuesday, you cannot do it on Thursday, because perhaps your followers, can stop following you. So if you are thinking about being a youtuber, you should think very well about that before you do it.

Paula R. F.
3rd ESO B

What is Christmas really about?

Oh, Christmas… That time of the year when you spend time with your family, you do some good, and you celebrate Jesus being born, isn’t it?
Since Christmas has just passed, I feel like we should look back at what we did, and see if we all have the same opinion about these holidays. The thing is, we all have been taught what Christmas is and what we are supposed to do. We shouldn’t focus on the presents, right? But we always do.
I feel like Christmas has a bittersweet feeling. Because right now, consumerism rules the holidays. Stores and just business in general take every opportunity they have to make us buy, and buy everything we see. Each year kids want and feel like they need a new toy, a new phone, a new pair of shoes; but why don’t we teach them about what is really important?
After all, those shoes, that phone, or that toy are not going to last forever. It is most likely they are going to last until the next big thing comes out, and then they’ll want that. We, the teens, feel like we need the newest trend, but maybe if we stop being so insecure, we would realize we don’t need that. Perhaps what we really need is to open our eyes and realize how lucky we are.

As a final conclusion, I think we all should just reflect on what holidays are really about. Not about how many presents we get, but about how much we already have, and how many people we make happy.

Thalía S. L.
3rd ESO A