Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Blue Jeans

His true name is Francisco de Paula Fernández and is known as Blue Jeans. He was born in Seville and he is an author from Spain with many followers in his social networking sites. He has a degree in journalism, and he lives in Madrid. He wrote the books, “El club de los incomprendidos”, “Buenos dias princesa!”,”No sonrías que me enamoro” and “¿Puedo soñar con tigo? And the series ended with “Tengo un secreto: el diario de Meri”. It has become the biggest phenomenon in literature from Spain, and is a popular romantic youth novel.
These books are translated into multiple languages, his novels have more than 600,000 followers and his book, “El club de los incomprendidos”, was adapted into a film.

He has been recognized with the prestigious “Premio Cervantes Chico 2013” award.
Alexia E. A.
4th ESO A

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