Thursday, 31 March 2016

School Rules

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The students of 3rd ESO have been writing the schools rules. It seems boring, but don't be wrong! It could be a good experience if you mix them with music. Do you want to see some examples???? Just click the pictures, watch and listen!!!

Ultra Music Festival

My name is Oscar and I’m going to explain my favourite music festival, Ultra Music Festival, in Miami, Florida.
A few weeks ago, the fans of electronic dance music (EDM), were together in Miami the days 18, 19 and 20 of March, to celebrate the Ultra Music Festival: Miami 2016, the best festival of electronic dance music. The festival began the first time in 1999, in Miami, and since that moment they haven't stopped. I saw it for the first time in 2014, and I wish I could go one day.  

There are a lot of festivals of this type of music, like Tomorrowland or Amsterdam Dance Event, but Ultra is for me the best festival. There are a lot of DJ’s in this festival, and it’s not like a competition between DJ’s, is like a family, all are friends. This year the best show I had ever seen before, was the Martin Garrix show. This producer is for me, the most talented and the best DJ in the world. This year, Martin played songs from his new album, and it was like a surprise for the fans because we expected a standard show, with songs that we have listened like 100 times, but in his show, he played news songs that we haven't listened until now. And another characteristic of ultra is its main stage, colourful, which makes the festival more epic. All work with lights and sound is very well organized and designed. For me, Ultra Music Festival is the best festival in the world. Hopefully someday I can go, it would be a dream.

Òscar G. N.

4t ESO B

The Syrian Refugees

Youssef Abu Alhassan, is a Syrian student living in an asylum center with 357 euros per month. He also has an average score of 9.42. For this reason, the Community of Madrid has decided to give him a scholarship for his special "circumstances".
Youssef Abu Alhassan had to leave Damascus because of the conflict in their country. His parents are granted asylum in Germany and  he also has family in Sweden. But, on the contrary, he, in his 20s, lives badly in Madrid alone since summer. It has granted refugee status and receives 375 euros per month thanks to the 'Minimum Income Insertion'.
It's amazing that people like Youssef, have such a brilliant mind and probably will not take advantage.

Joan P. A.
4t ESO A

Grease Live

Hi bloggers!!
My favourite film is Grease and recently I have discovered Grease Live. Do you know, what it is?
Grease Live is a television special, originally broadcast by Fox on January 31, 2016. It was the live televised musical Grease, originally made in 1971. But in this musical the characters don’t smoke and don’t show their butt. Also, there are more black people. In this dramatization, the supporting characters are more important in the story and most of them had their own songs. 
It was realized in live, without any cut of camera and no post-production. A lot of famous actors took part in this dramatization, for example: Vanessa Hudgens, Aaron Tveit, Keke Palmer, Carly Rae Jepsen, Carlos Pena Vega… For the music, some famous singers and bands cooperate too, like Jessi J, Joe Jonas’ Band, Next to Normals…

Tomas Kail said that If they had made all those changes, the film would have been better.

Paula E. M.
3r ESO B

Vampire Diaries

The series is about one 17-years-old girl, called Elena Gilbert.  Elena and Jeremy are two human brothers who are orphans because their parents died in a car accident. After a few unhappy months, Elena and her brother decided to return to school to get distracted. 
Elena didn’t know that day she was going to meet a very special boy, called Stefan Salvatore, a vampire, 162 years old. As the time went by, Elena and Stefan became friends and then she met another vampire, called Damon Salvatore, Stefan’s brother. In that moment, Elena started to have certain problems because she fell in love with Damon. Throughout the series Elena began to discover that they are vampires and she had to decide which of the two brothers she will stay with. 

Marta S. B.
3r ESO A

Friday, 18 March 2016

Juan Carlos Navarro

Juan Carlos Navarro Feijoo is my favorite basketball player of the ACBHe currently plays in FC Barcelona Lassa team, where is the captain and the person reference. He was born in Sant Feliu de Llobregat on June 13, 1980.
Navarronicknamed "La Bomba" measures 1,92 m high and is a player who has gone down in history both in Barcelona team and in European competitions. Juan Carlos was the MVP of the Final Four 2010, MVP of Euroleague 2008-2009, MVP of ACB 2005-2006, MVP of Final ACB 2009, 2011, 2014, MVP of Final of Super Cup Spain 2009, 2011 and Mr. Europa (Mister Europa) 2010. 
Navarro began playing basketball in the CB Santfeliuenc when he was just 8 years. At the age of 12, a scout of FCB Barcelona saw him and led him to play with the club.
Navarro was moving up until the November 23, 1997 he debuted with the first team at Barcelona. Navarro alternated matches with the first team and the team league LEB (a lower league) but the 2000-2001 season he established himself as a first team player.
In the 2000-2001 season, Navarro was drafted by the NBA and played one season in the Washington Wizards. In the 2003-2004 season Navarro returned to the club. In the 2007/2008 season he signed with the Memphis Grizzlies for a while.
Finally, in late 2008 he returned to Barcelona, where he rose to prominence in the European basketball and won titles.

Navarro is a very respected player in the basketball world. He is a player who all pay homage and keep in mind that even with 35 years, is a decisive player and with basketball plays never seen. Navarro highlight for two of his best qualities, "the boom" and that is an excellent three point shooter.

But a player can’t expect to earn this respect without being a great person. Navarro is a generous and caring person on and off the field. He is a player who does not think of himself, but on the basketball team. All his colleagues and friends, both the selection and Barça players, are it’s way of being and his passion for basketball and dedication to the fans.

Joel V. L.
3r ESO A

My hobbies


My name is Valentina and for some time I have been watching TV series like Teen Wolf, Grey's Anatomy and the Vampire Diaries. I also like singing and dancing, I have enjoyed this since I was small. My favourite dance group is DD4L. I have dreamt to be an actress and live in Los Angeles. I have to improve my English in order to continue with my acting classes.

Valentina P. M.
4t ESO A

Thursday, 17 March 2016


Hi bloggers!

Do you want to know some interesting things about London? Then look at my presentation!

Paula M. M.
3r ESO B

 Paula M. M.
3r ESO B

Friday, 11 March 2016


People tend to always talk about the same popular countries, but there’s this one beautiful and forgotten one, Greenland, which I am going to talk about.
Greenland is an autonomous country within the Danish Realm, located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Though being a part of North America, Greenland has been associated with Europe specifically with Norway and Denmark. Greenland is the world's largest non-continental island and the third largest country in North America.
There are approximately 700 known species of insects in Greenland, which is low compared with other countries. The sea is rich in fish and invertebrates. The few native land mammals in Greenland are the polar bear, arctic fox, reindeer, arctic hare, musk ox, collared lemming, ermine, and arctic wolf.
Greenland has a population of 56,370 people, of whom 88% are Greenlandic Inuit and the 12% are of European descent.Both languages Greenlandic and Danish have been used a lot there, so almost everyone speaks both. Kalaallisut (Greenlandic) is the official language.
Greenland has an Arctic climate with average temperatures that don't exceed 10° C in the warmest summer months. The air quality in Greenland is one of the bests in the world.
In the southern part of the country, however, the temperature can rise to more than 20° C in June, July or August.
Some curiosities about the country are that the whale along with the sale are both the national dish in Greenland because they both have lots of vitamins. Also Greenland’s got the highest suicide rate in the world by population and one of the highest alcohol intake.

Silvia D. D. 
4t ESO B

Catalonia Swimming Championships of winter

Hi bloggers!

I'm going to talk about the Catalonia swimming championships of winter. This is a very important competition. In this competition the best swimmers of Catalonia are involved. To participate, you must achieve a certain time on  a specific test.

This year I could go to this great competition, it was in Sabadell. Taking part in this competition was one of my goals. I worked hard for a long time to achieve this goal. Going to these championships has been an incredible experience and I hope I could repeat it. My next goal is to go to the summer championships.

Marta J. V.
4t ESO A

The Walking Dead

Hi bloggers! One of my favourite TV series is The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead is a series horror drama developed by Frank Darabont, based on a comic by Robert Kirkman. Rick Grimes is the protagonist of the series who awakens from coma after being shot by zombies. Rick wants to reunite with his family and when he found them, he became the leader of a group of survivors. Together they need to survive with the zombies and other people who want to kill them or steal their things. There are 6 seasons and 77 episodes. In all the seasons always there is always a problem and they need to protect themselves and try not to die.

1 Season: Rick Grimes found his wife and son and he became the leader of the group.
2 Season: The group found a farm with others survivors and they stay in the farm.
3 Season: When they leave the farm, and they survive an entire winter without a refuge, Rick and Daryl found a prison really safe.
4 Season: In the prison there is a disease and people died because of that and they met the governor of a town who is really a bad guy.
5 Season: When they need to leave the prison, they found a "safe place" which is called Terminus but it resulted to be a trap and the group separates
6 Season: They found a town called Alexandria and all the group stayed there with other people.


-Rick Grimes
-Carl Grimes
-Daryl Dixon
-Gleen Rhee
-Maggie Greene
-Carol Peletier

Andrea C. di P.
3r ESO B

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Hi bloggers!

I love Harry Potter and I'm going to explain you some things about the 2nd part of the book.

Harry Potter is in his second year at Hogwarts School of Wizards. He is in his house and a elf, named Dobby, appears in his room and warned not to go back to Hogwarts. 

Harry ignores the elf warning and returns to school. He is still famous but Snape, Malfoy and the rest of Slytherin hate him. But then, strange things start to happen. People of school are petrified, and no one knows what is happening. Harry continues listening to  a voice which seems to be coming from the walls. They told the story of the Chamber of Secrets.
It is said that only the true Salazar Slytherin’s descendent will be able to open it. Harry can talk with the snakes and everybody thinks that is he who opens the Chamber of Secrets because she can talk with the snakes. Finally, it was Ron Weasley's sister who opened the Chamber of Secrets because she was controlled by Salazar Slyzerin. Harry opens the Chamber with the language of snakes and kills Salazar. Slytherin and all the people who was petrified returns to the normal life.

Núria A. LL.
3r ESO A

Thursday, 3 March 2016

"Creed", the Film

Hi bloggers!

"Creed the legend of Rocky"  is an American film.

The plot is about Donnie who is the protagonist with Rocky. Donnie is Creed's son and Donnie wants to be a boxer like his father. Rocky starts to train and Donnie is a very good boxer. They begin fighting with young boxers and, step by step, he boxes against the best people. In the final fight, he loses for an unfair reason but his name appears in the boxing world with the help of Rocky and the name of his father, Creed.

Pol R. L.
4t ESO B

A$AP, the singer

Hi bloggers!

I’m going to talk about my favourite singer and my inspiration, A$AP Rocky. His real name is Rakim Mayers and he has got this name because his dad likes a rapper called Rackim.

A$AP was born in a guetto of New York, Harlem, and nowadays is considered one of the best rappers in the world. His songs are supported by Sony and he sings for Sony. He also works as a model  for Celine and Louis Vuitton. 

Sebas G. N.
4t ESO A


Hi bloggers! Do you know what parkour is?

Parkour is a training discipline using your movement. Parkour is an activity that can be practiced alone or with others, and is usually carried out in urban spaces. People use parkour to want to be fit and another for people to express themselves in some way, personally the feeling of freedom. Men who practice it are called traceurs, and women trauceuses.
To practise parkour, you have to wear comfortable clothes and trousers, although it is not as important clothing and footwear as the technique of the person.

Rubén R. A.
3r ESO B

The Maze Runner, the trilogy

Hey guys, I’m Alexia student from 3rd ESO. 

I'm going to talk about a trilogy of books, although they are also films. The first book or film is "The Maze Runner"  that is about one group of boys who are in the labyrinth and they have to go out of it. Every month one new boy enters with provisions. Thomas, the protagonist, tried to get out of the labyrinth and he kills a creature, one part robot and the another animal, called Lacerador. After two days one girl enters in the labyrinth, Theresa. Thomas, Theresa and another boys, manage to go out of the labyrinth, and there an organization called WICKED guide the boys and a  girl to a military base. 

The second book or film is "The Scorch Trials". It is situated in a place infested with misery and ruins, and where people go crazy and wander. Thomas meets a girl, Brenda that has a disease and she is close to die because its effects. Meanwhile, Theresa has disappeared and the WICKED organization has left them a message while a mysterious boy has come. 

The third book, without film yet, is "The Death Cure". Thomas knows that the WICKED can’t be trusted. They stole his memories and locked him inside the Maze. 

So, that’s all. Thanks for reading and have a nice week!

Alexia E. A.
3r ESO A