Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why is an American series created by Netflix. Before been adapted to the screen, it was a book written by Jay Asher. It was published in 2009, but it wasn’t very successful.
It all begins with the death of Hannah Baker, specifically with her suicide. One day Clay (Hannah’s frien) arrives from high school and receives a package with 7 cassette tapes engraved on both sides.
The tapes were initially sent to a classmate with instructions to pass from one student to another. In the tapes Hannah explains to the 13 people the way they played a role in her death, giving thirteen reasons to explain why she took her life.

Through each tape, Hannah goes on to explain her pain and all that she has suffered, about how she falls into a depression that ultimately leads her to commit suicide.
Carla G. G.
4th ESO B

Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann is a French football player that plays for the club Atlético de Madrid and the French national team as a forward.
Antoine was born in the province of Maçon, where he began his football career. He embarked on trials with some professional football teams that rejected him for his size. The Spanish club Real Sociedad scouted he and offered a youth contract, that he and his family accepted to make his dream come true: to be a football player.
On 2nd September 2009, Antoine made his professional debut in a match versus the Spanish club Rayo Vallecano. On 8th April 2010, he signed his first professional contract with the Real Sociedad. A lot of big clubs show interest in hiring the player, but he doesn't forget who gives he all.
But, on 28 July 2014, Antoine signed with the Spanish club Atlético de Madrid for €30 millions.

He has won some trophies in his career:
·         1 Second Division (2009-10).
·         1 Spain SuperCup (2014).
·         Ballon d'Or – Third place (2016)
·         LaLiga Best Player (2016)
·         UEFA Team of the Year (2016).
And more...

Moreover, Griezmann, features on the cover of the important videogame FIFA 16 Leo Messi. He was considered the best player of the continental competition EURO 2016. I hope that this player will be one of the best players in the world for many years!
Marc C. L.
4th ESO A

Dirty Dancing, the Film

It's a romantic, musical film. It's about Baby Houseman (Jennifer Grey) a teenager who goes to the Kellerman's Mountain Hotel Resort with her family during the summer holidays. There she meets Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze). He is a dance teacher at the hotel.
While she is there, Penny, Jonny's dance partner, became pregnant and she can't dance. Baby helps them and Jonny teaches Baby to dance with him because he needs a new dance partner to dance with him in another hotel.
Later they fall in love and Baby has to walk away from her father because he doesn't like Johnny but later he understands him.
This movie was directed by Emilie Ardolino and was written by Eleanor Bergstein.
 It premiered on the 21 August of 1987 and the budget was 6 million dollars.

Judith S. P.
3rd ESO B

The World of Rhythmic Gymnastics

Hi bloggers!                                                             
This sport combines ballet, dance and gymnastics. In this type of dance we can use some objects like a rope, a ball, a hoop and maces to carry out the exercise.                                                                                                               
Now I am going to talk about the origins.
This sport was born in the XVIII century in all Occidental Europe. The first winner of rhythmic gymnastics was Ludmica Savinkova of the Soviet Union.
In 1983 the rhythmic gymnastics world cub was instituted.
In 1984 it became an Olympic discipline during the L.A. Olympic Games. In this Games Lori Fung, a Canadian woman was the winner.
Years ago, the international federation of gymnastics only recognized the female modality. But in the 70s in Asia, the male category was accepted. The first world rhythmic gymnastics championship male was in 2003.
Now the masculine competitions are accepted around the world.
-Material: plastic
-Weight: 400g
-Material: synthetic material
-Length: the measure of the gymnast
-Material: wood or plastic
-Diameter: 80cm or 90cm
-Material: plastic
-Weight: 150g

And this has been my explanation about this sport.

Gisela G. O. 
3rd ESO A

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Mysterious Case of Benjamin Button

The story begins in a hospital, where Daisy is with her daughter Caroline. Daisy is dying. Daisy asks Caroline to read to her the diary of Benjamin Button.
Caroline begins to read to Daisy. The diary explains about the history of Benjamin Button, his story begins when he is born, but his birth was not normal, because he was born old.
The mother of the baby died before giving birth and the dad, Thomas Button abandoned the baby in a nursing home.
Queenie ,a worker, decides to take care of him as her own son.
At first Benjamin did not know how to walk and was in a wheelchair. Benjamin on Thanksgiving Day meets Daisy who is 7 years old at the time and her grandmother lives in nursing home. Benjamin and Daisy become good friends.

Little by little Benjamin becomes younger. Benjamin spends his days away traveling the sea, having several romances and adventures.
After several years working, Benjamin returns to the nursing house. When he returns Queenie sees that Benjamin looks younger. In his short stay in the nursing home, he finds Daisy again and she has grown too. Benjamin was beginning to like Daisy, but he did not accept Daisy's feelings because he thought he was too old for her. He wanted a little more time. In addition, Daisy was a professional dancer and Benjamin did not want to distract her. Again Benjamin returns to the tug boat, where he works, and makes many friends. Benjamin returns to nursing house again, and finds his biological father who is asking for forgiveness. Afterwards, Benjamin searches for Daisy, but she had broken her leg and she could not dance anymore.
Years later. Benjamin and Daisy have a daughter, Caroline. At the end of his life Benjamin with become a baby and Daisy takes care of him until he dies.

Caroline now knows who her father is.
Sarai A. A.
4th ESO B

Bates Motel

Hi bloggers!
Bates Motel is an American series from the A&E channel.
The plot of the series begins with the tragic story of a family. Lord Bates dies of an unknown cause and leaves his wife and her son Norman alone.
To start, the Mother and son decide to buy a motel on the outskirts of town, which carries the name of the father. During the story we can see the life of Norma and Norman. Norma is a very possessive person; she is always cleaning or cooking. And Norman is very fragile and a little "weird".
The show is based off of the famous film Psycho. And during the series we can see scenes very similar to film.

It has 5 seasons and in each of them we are surprised with something new.
And finally, during the show we discover new characters and new stories. For example one of the characters is a girl who is called Emma, who is the best friend of Norman and is working at the motel with the family. There is also a boy named Dylan who is the brother of Norman but does not share the same father. And that a few years ago there was an accident between Norma and her brother (the uncle of Norman).
I recommend this series because I like it a lot and is very good.

Marta S. B.
4th ESO A

Villarreal CF

Hi bloggers!
Villarreal CF is a Spanish team. Specifically, it is in Castellon, a province of the Valencian Community. The team was created on March 10th of 1923. The club plays in the first division of Spain that is called “Liga Santander”. In this moment Villarreal CF is in position to go to UEFA Europa League, but the coach says that they want to be on UEFA Champions League next year. To achieve their objective, they have to work hard and be focused on winning points in every match. Nowadays Villarreal CF isn’t in UEFA Europa League because AC Roma eliminates them by winning the qualifying round. The club is called the Yellow Submarine for their uniform, because it has always been yellow and blue.
The uniform of this year is this:

The president is Fernando Roig. The first coach is Fran Escribá and the second coach is Josep Alcácer. The captain is the midfielder Bruno Soriano. The stadium was called El Madrigal, but now it’s called El Estadio de la Cerámica. 
Sergio L. S.
3rd ESO A