Thursday, 25 May 2017

My mum

What would I tell my mother in a letter of thanks? Mum you do not know how happy I feel when I have you by my side. You are alive and you keep holding my hand to cross the street, thank you.
When I was little I did not understand how lucky I am, but now I know it and I respect those people who have no mum. Thank you for always having a sincere word and a good advice for me. Thank you for being the pillar, which you have been during my 15 years of life, for being so special to me. Thanks mum because I know you will not fail me, because along with my father you have given to me the best examples. You have always made believe in my family and especially in me, thank you mom! Knowing that you are happy, makes me a very happy girl, thank you mom because you have given me the best teaching of life and I will never forget it!

Thank you MUM more for respecting me and loving me as I am, for accepting me and valuing me, for supporting me, for listening to me when I needed it. Thank you for trying to be my best friend, my sister, my life partner, to take care of me and teach me. 

Nerea F. E.
3rd ESO B

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