Sunday, 14 December 2014

Our City of the Future

Will cars fly? Will the houses be under the ocean? Which names will the city have? How about entertainment in the future? Will we be able to see the same species of animals?

In English classes, the students of 3rd ESO have designed their city of the future. They have lots of imagination and the cities have very original names: Pandora, Clouder, Light City...

Posters about the Prehistory and the Egyptians

The students of Time Tunnel have created some digital posters to show the things they know about the Prehistory and the Egyptians.

If you want to know how they lived, their religion, their society..., you just need to open this book and you will find all the information there!

Where is Hawaii???

Last Thursday 11th, the students of 4th ESO attended to a conference about Hawaii. Dr. Glòria Martín, who is living there, explained to them a lot of curiosities about the archipelago: origin, legends, costumes, way of life....

You can find more information if you click this link.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Physical Education lessons for Primary students (2)

“Last Monday we prepared a class of Physical Education for students in 2nd Primary. This is a project that we have to prepare for our class of Physical Education, and the objective is to show that cooperation makes them improve. In the class, we played 4 games that required that all the students work together to win something, if they didn’t work together and worked individually, they lost. We played games like one team catches the other like a food change and they had to carry one child in a mat and they had to move it. After this class, they were very happy and they had fun and worked together during one hour!! These experiences should happen more than once!”

(Noelia Aguado,  Erika Jadan, Alejandro Juárez, Raúl Pina, Marc Prat, Lidia Sanchís, Juan Sosa, Núria Varas, Xavi Wohlfart)

Geography in 3rd ESO

“Last Wednesday, the students of 3rd ESO went to the theatre to learn, listen and see a conference about Geography in English. The person in charge was an American boy, Dustin, who is finishing his degree in Barcelona. He explained lots of things about the United States, America, Europe…He is being evaluated and he told us that he wants to be a teacher.
At the beginning we had to draw a world map and label the continents, oceans… It was a curious experience because it’s not easy to do this without looking at an atlas. He showed lots of maps, and we realised that, Africa is much bigger than what we can usually see in the maps.
At the end, we, the students, made him a lot of questions about geography, his life or the American traditions.
Finally, Ellis and Tim (our conversation assistant) said the same sentences in American and British English so we could see the differences between both accents.
I think we have learnt a lot of things about Geography and English.”

3rd  ESO A

Monday, 1 December 2014

What would you do if...?

In English classes, we continue practising the conditional tenses with Tim and 4th ESO students. We have been talking about hypothetical situations like these...

We also pretend to be Katniss, the main character of the Hunger Games, and we have been discussing what would we do, if we were a tribute in the Games.