Sunday, 14 December 2014

Our City of the Future

Will cars fly? Will the houses be under the ocean? Which names will the city have? How about entertainment in the future? Will we be able to see the same species of animals?

In English classes, the students of 3rd ESO have designed their city of the future. They have lots of imagination and the cities have very original names: Pandora, Clouder, Light City...

Posters about the Prehistory and the Egyptians

The students of Time Tunnel have created some digital posters to show the things they know about the Prehistory and the Egyptians.

If you want to know how they lived, their religion, their society..., you just need to open this book and you will find all the information there!

Where is Hawaii???

Last Thursday 11th, the students of 4th ESO attended to a conference about Hawaii. Dr. Glòria Martín, who is living there, explained to them a lot of curiosities about the archipelago: origin, legends, costumes, way of life....

You can find more information if you click this link.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Physical Education lessons for Primary students (2)

“Last Monday we prepared a class of Physical Education for students in 2nd Primary. This is a project that we have to prepare for our class of Physical Education, and the objective is to show that cooperation makes them improve. In the class, we played 4 games that required that all the students work together to win something, if they didn’t work together and worked individually, they lost. We played games like one team catches the other like a food change and they had to carry one child in a mat and they had to move it. After this class, they were very happy and they had fun and worked together during one hour!! These experiences should happen more than once!”

(Noelia Aguado,  Erika Jadan, Alejandro Juárez, Raúl Pina, Marc Prat, Lidia Sanchís, Juan Sosa, Núria Varas, Xavi Wohlfart)

Geography in 3rd ESO

“Last Wednesday, the students of 3rd ESO went to the theatre to learn, listen and see a conference about Geography in English. The person in charge was an American boy, Dustin, who is finishing his degree in Barcelona. He explained lots of things about the United States, America, Europe…He is being evaluated and he told us that he wants to be a teacher.
At the beginning we had to draw a world map and label the continents, oceans… It was a curious experience because it’s not easy to do this without looking at an atlas. He showed lots of maps, and we realised that, Africa is much bigger than what we can usually see in the maps.
At the end, we, the students, made him a lot of questions about geography, his life or the American traditions.
Finally, Ellis and Tim (our conversation assistant) said the same sentences in American and British English so we could see the differences between both accents.
I think we have learnt a lot of things about Geography and English.”

3rd  ESO A

Monday, 1 December 2014

What would you do if...?

In English classes, we continue practising the conditional tenses with Tim and 4th ESO students. We have been talking about hypothetical situations like these...

We also pretend to be Katniss, the main character of the Hunger Games, and we have been discussing what would we do, if we were a tribute in the Games.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Egyptian scribes in the school!

As we told you, here you have some photographs with the best hieroglyphics. All the students were happy and proud to show their names written in this curious language. 

If you want to try with your own names, you can go to:

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Schools Song Contest: the winners!!!!!

After two months of hard work, the expected and special moment has just arrived.

The winners are:

- For the best band presentation: BLACK DIAMONDS!!

- For the best lyrics: THE BREAKERS!!

Congratulations to all of them!!!

We can't wait to see the videoclips they are going to prepare!!!

Physical Education lessons for Primary students

Last Friday we leadered a class of Physical Education for the students in 2nd Primary. This is a project that we have to prepare for our teacher, and the project is associated with jumping. In the class, all of us enjoyed doing exercises with them. We have prepared a lot of activities like jumping with one foot, jumps running, races, circuits…When we started the class, the children must run a little bit, and at the end too. And then they practised the activities that we have prepared for them. 
This is an exciting experience, and we learn a lot doing that class.

(Clara Fariñas, Clàudia Perelló, Laura Herrera, Jaime Armesto, Laura Peña, Jordi Salgado, Ethan Segura, Carlos Lazo and Erik Galera)

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Schools Song Contest (lyrics): the finalists!!!

All the groups have been working very hard, but only one can be the winner. Today, it's time to know the names of the finalists:

- For the best lyrics:
  • Black Diamonds
  • The Breakers

Schools Song Contest (videos): the finalists!!

Here you have the videos that students have prepared for the contest. Enjoy them!!

Today, it's time to know the names of the finalists:

- For the best band:
  • Ace of Fate
  • Black Diamonds

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Schools Song Contest

Do you remember the Schools Song Contest? These days the jury has been very busy deciding the best presentation of the band and the best version of the song Mamma Mia. We are very close to know the results. As an appetizer you have here the posters and the pictures of the six bands.

Are you ready to see the best bands of the year?

Tomorrow we are going to publish the name of the two finalists for each category.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Learning the conditionals with movies!!

Learning grammar is not necessary boring! Today in 4th ESO English classes, we have been watching clips of films, doing activities and playing games to practise the conditional sentences. Tim has helped us a lot with the vocabulary!

One of the films was Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, where we saw Medusa. Do you know what happens if you look into her eyes? Ask any of the students in class today and they will answer you!

Friday, 21 November 2014


In Time Tunnel, we have learnt how to write our names with hieroglyphics. Like the ancient Egyptians!!!! Next week we are going to choose the best one. We will inform you!

At the restaurant

We have finished a project in 1st ESO about eating habits and a role play at the restaurant.
We have divided the class in groups of 4 students. Each one had a role: waiter or waitress and customers.
So, if you travel abroad with your children,  now they can order food in a restaurant without any problem.
Congratulations to all students !!!
Here you have some pictures.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Ici, on parle français!

Bienvenus et Bienvenues au coin du Français!
Ici, on parle français. Tout d'abord, je voudrais vous dire que nos élèves ont de la chance d'apprendre une deuxième langue étrangère et de cette façon, ils pourront avoir des avantages au moment de choisir des Études Supérieurs.
Vous pourrez voir ce que nos élèves travaillent dans les cours et  aussi connaître la culture française.
À bientôt!

Will life be different in the future?

The future has arrived at 2nd ESO! Our students have written about how we will live in the future. Here you have some compositions. Well done ! Congratulations!


I think life in year 3060 will be a bit different from life today. I don’t  think any humans will live on Earth in 3060, because it will be uninhabitable. Instead, all humans will live on Mars. There will be space stations, cities and towns with houses, shops, schools, hospitals, hotels and churches. Maybe,they will travel in spaceships too. Also, people will wear space suits to go out. It won’t be the same, but I’m sure people will learn to live and enjoy the new life.



I think life in the year 2114 will be different from life today. In that  year people will live in big houses with their pets.
-        Dogs will talk thanks to a brilliant light that will turn the barks into words. They will be like the dog of Up’s film.
-        All the animals will live more years than nowadays, the new life will add to them life expectancy.
-        The humans will live in big houses because they will win a lot of money and they will build lots of big houses. They will work in their houses by internet too.
-        The women and men clothes will be illuminated by different colours light.  Adults will travel by flying cars or propelling bags.
These are some changes for the future.


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The city of the future has also begun in 3rd A!!!

Where will the cities be in the future? Which means of transport will we use? Will the houses be very different? 

Under the ocean, in the clouds... We can find cities in the most curious places you can think about. We are anxious to see the results, but we have to wait a few days to see them. We must be patient!

The project has just begun in 3rd ESO B

Today we have just begun to think about our city of the future. We have divided the class in groups of four students. Each one has got a different role: writer, designer, organiser and searcher.

They are comitted and investigating a lot!

Monday, 17 November 2014


MAMMA MIA!!! What a song!!

This year the chosen song for the contest is "Mamma Mia", an Abba's hit. The students of 4th ESO have been preparing a version of the lyrics and creating a new pop band during all the term.
Today, in the final, we have discovered six new and amazing pop bands! They have performed the song for the contest in front of the class, singing the lyrics and showing their videos and posters.

We will know the name of the winner soon!!! We're sure you can't wait to go to their concerts!!

Friday, 14 November 2014

The Egyptian Religion

Was it easy to make mummies? How many Gods did they have?

We have been finding the answers to questions like this in class, in Time Tunnel. The students have looked for information about their Gods and finally they have made a real mummy!

Do you know that they didn't remove the heart from the dead?

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Our city of the future

What are the biggest problems living in cities?

This is one of the questions the students of 3rd ESO are discussing about in English classes. Here you have some of the problems we have found.

But we are optimistic, and we are going to design in groups Our City of the Future! We have begun the project today, and we'll continue next week with Tim's help.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Tectonic plates and volcanoes

Do you think there is any relation between the situation of the volcanoes and the tectonic plates? Why? Give arguments to support your opinion.

“Yes, because we can see that the most part of the volcanoes are on the border of the tectonic plates.
There are also few volcanoes that are not on the border of the tectonic plates. This is because inside the Earth it is very hot and it warms the Earth’s crust. Through the Earth’s crust holes the lava goes out. This is what is called hot spot.”


Sunday, 9 November 2014


We celebrated Halloween in English classes last week. We watched a video about the origins of this festivity and later the students had to finish a scary story. Here you have some examples:

"I think we'll have to spend the night in that old house and wait till morning," I said.
My friends didn't think it was a good idea, but they were cold and wet, so they agreed. We walked up the old wooden steps to the front door. The door creaked open and we went inside, sat down, and started to eat a chocolate bar, when..."


"...suddenly the telephone rang. I got up and I started looking for it. But when I got into a very strange room, with a lot of things covered with sheets, I saw a light behind me and I also heard footsteps. I was very nervous and my heart was beating quickly. I listened to all my friends screaming  and when I turned, a skeleton was running trying to catch Carla. I didn't know what to do and my only idea was to hide under the bed and try to call the police or our parents, while Laia and Ariadna were trying to follow the skeleton and then lock it up into a room."

4th A ESO

"...we saw a skeleton running inside the house, we screamed very loudly and we went up to the other floor. When we were on the second floor, we hid under the bed, but we heard footsteps getting closer. We all were in silence but my friend's telephone rang, she took it and it was her mother that said we had to follow the light. When we went out of the bed, we saw a light, and when we arrived at the door, our parents were there. It was just a joke."

4th A ESO

"...the telephone rang, I was scared and my friends were nervous. I stood up and walked slowly to answer the telephone. I saw a light outside the house. In that moment, I screamed and we hid under the bed. Five minutes later, I went out and I saw a skeleton that was running in the garden of the house. We were very scared, the fear controlled us. We wanted to go out the house and when we were going to open the door, we heard footsteps behind us. I saw a shadow and it came to me, then I ran quickly. This shadow was the owner of the house. He was an old  person. Suddenly, he started to fall slowly and behind him, it was the skeleton with a sword covered with the blood of the oldman."

3rd A ESO

The students of 4th ESO as journalists.

These days we have been working as journalists in the English class talking about some natural disasters. Do you want to watch our TV News?


Saturday, 8 November 2014

Give advice

If you have any problem, the students of 3rd ESO are ready to give you advice. Here you have an example.

"Hi there!

Look, I know your grades have been going really bad lately, and that you feel very sad. But I can't stand seeing you like this! I know that you never talk with your parents about anything, but I think it's time to do so. If you tell them what's going on, they will surely try to help you out and things will go better. So, please tell them, and if it doesn't work out, remember that I'm here as well. I need to see that smile of yours again!
Being so, I have to go.

Bye, bye!"

3rd B ESO

Friday, 7 November 2014

How to cook an English Breakfast by Tim

Tim teaches us how to cook a delicious and tasty English breakfast. Enjoy your meal!

Pastoral Slogan 3rd ESO

Turn the world upside down!

Tim's introduction

This is Tim, our conversation assistant...


The students of 3rd ESO have prepared a poster with some adjectives we can use to show our feelings.