Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Terrorism in Paris

Hi bloggers! I have one question for you: must we be scared?

During the last days, Europe has been scared because of the terrorism. The Paris disaster has alerted the European society, and nowadays everybody is terrified. The incident has had consequences for everybody, directly or indirectly. People who are more scared, are prudent and don't go to important places or to parts of the cities that can be crowded.  They stay in their respective houses or in their neighborhoods’, thinking that there, they will be safer.

But the real dilemma is: how much freedom must we give to be safer, must we lose our intimacy or must we be free to do things? I think nowadays all must be more controlled, and we must transfer some part of our freedom to be safer, to fight against the terrorism.

But I think there is a line that we can't pass, because we can't live so controlled by the authorities. Things happen everywhere, and every time, you can't decide your time to die, so it can happen to you when you don't think it can happen.

Finally, my conclusion is: nowadays we must be more controlled, because it is safer for us to fight against the terrorism, but this can't take out all our freedom. We must follow our common life and don't be scared, because things can always happen. 

Félix M. C.
4t B ESO

Our Science Week

Hi bloggers!

Last Friday we finished the Science Week.

Why is this week different from the others? My answer is that, this week, the reflection of the day only talks about scientific stuff, and we have learned a lot of things like:

·         Why is the sky blue?
·         How is a rainbow formed?     
·         What is the light?
·         How is the ground formed?

A lot of interesting things for people who like Science, but also for people who hate it. This is because they are common questions that people can formulate during their lifetime. To conclude the week, I will answer one more question, and that’s about the gravity (not the film, the strength) or the climate change if you prefer. 

Could the climate change the gravity? And my answer is yes, and it’s simple. The gravity is related with the mass, more mass more gravity and conversely. If the climate changes the physiognomy of the Earth, we could have less gravity in it. And that’s not only a theory, because in the Antarctica the climate change is melting the ice and the scientifics have discovered that the gravity has been decreasing.
Maybe, in the future, the earth would be like the moon! Hehehe I know that you like the idea, but maybe it is more the plot of a film than the real life…
Bye bye! See you soon!

Claudia M. G.
4t A ESO

Types of students and teachers

Hi bloggers!

Do you know that there are different types of teachers and students? If you want to discover them, follow my project:

Paula G. S.
3r B ESO

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

TV News and Natural Disasters

Hi bloggers!

The students of 4th ESO have turned into reporters these days. We have been talking about natural disasters, and we have designed some TV News. Do you want to watch some of them?

Poésie Atelier: "La vie est belle"

Puncakes Booms

Hi bloggers!

Are you ready to cook! Follow my instructions to cook some Pancakes Booms!

Enjoy your meal!!!

Andrés P. G.
3r B ESO

TV series: "Teen Wolf"

Hi bloggers!

I want to recommend you the TV series: "Teen Wolf". There are three seasons.

In the first season, Scott becomes a werewolf; he must adapt himself to the changes in his body and live in every full moon keeping his friends and loved ones protected. Scott tries to maintain a normal life, while everyone hides his secret life as a werewolf, but when he cannot do it because of his new powers, he must seek other options.

In the second season, Derek recruits new members to its group. Without Derek to help Scott, Stiles becomes even more involved in the affairs of the werewolf, while Allison is trained to participate more actively in the business family.

In the third season, the herd of alphas reaches Beacon Hills in order to recruit Derek Scott. Scott focuses on being a better person while he is looking for Erica and Derek Boyd, who have been captured by the Alfas. After finding the body of Erica and her sister Cora, Derek knows Jennifer, the new teacher of the school. Some bodies appear dead in the same way, Lydia, Stiles and Argent try to find the responsible. 

Pol S. G. 
3r A ESO

Sunday, 15 November 2015


Hi bloggers!
I want to talk about roller-hockey!

In the morning of the 15th October 2015, the ASME-TUCANS team played a match against HL IGUALADA team. The match took place at 11.00 am. In LA PAU.
The clash between these teams includes players from twelve to sixteen years old. The practise of this sport in Catalonia is not very popular, but it has one of the best leagues in Spain.
To practise this sport you only need: a pair of skates, elbow guards, knee guards, gloves, a helmet and a stick. The teams need a minimum of 5 players and 1 goalie; the maximum is 12 players and 2 goalies. On the court there are 4 players and a goalie on her/his net.
The match was won by the team from Sant Adrià del Besós 6-2. 

Jonan E. G.
4t A ESO

The Importance of the Sport

Hi bloggers!

Today I want to explain to you the importance of sports.

To begin, doing sport is important for your health, and for you. When you are practising a sport you only think in this sport, you disconnect from the problems of your routine. So, when you are doing a sport or another physical activity, your brain releases a lot of accumulated tension and some stress, and this is very important to solve the problems and face the days with a big smile and a good attitude.

Also, doing a sport can help some people that are timid or have a low level of self-esteem. This is because if you do a sport with people that also like it, you establish a relationship so good. And if you practise it some days of the week, you will win confidence with the people that also do this sport.

Gerard F. M.
4t ESO B


Hi bloggers!

Todayl I'm going to explain something about youtube.
YouTube is a Google application where you can find all kinds of videos; I use this application more than others because I can find all that I want to search.
You can find everything from makeup and beauty tutorials until youtubers' channels that create entertainment videos.
What I like most from YouTube is the youtubers' channels, because I enjoy watching them and I have met very friendly youtubers .
The youtubers that I have seen perform parodies, sketches, interact with subscribers, challenges, labels, dailies and more. They are people who have become famous for uploading a video to YouTube and have many visitors and subscribers. Some people think that now YouTube is like having a job because if you are important, you can get a lot of money.
Youtube is like a second TV and nowadays it is very important!

And here you can see my favourite youtubers:

                  JUANMASAURUS            ABI POWER
Judith E. R.
4t A ESO

Monday, 9 November 2015

How to cook "panallets"

Hi bloggers! Do you want to know how to cook “panallets”? Follow my instructions!!

-Ground almonds

1.     Boil the potatoes.
2.     Smash the potatoes.
3.     Spread the ground almonds.
4.     Collect all with your hand.
5.     When finished, lay the sugar and mix everything.
6.     Now, we have the dough.
7.     We make balls with the dough.
8.     When the balls are ready, broke the egg and separate the white and the yolk.
9.     We spread the white to the “panallets”.
10.   Finally, we put the “panallets” in the oven for 15 minutes.

11.  When ready, place the almonds or peanuts. 

Israel V.
3r A

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Video games: Brothers: A tale of two sons and Child of Light.

Hi bloggers!  I recommend you these videogames!

Brothers: A tale of two sons.

This game is a story that begins with a boy named Naiee, who is paying his respects to his mother’s grave. She drowned in the sea, while he was still unable to save her.
His older brother, Naia, calls for help to the town doctor to save their father. The doctor tells them, that the only way to save him is by collecting the waters of the Tree of Life. The brothers embark on their journey through the villages, hills and mountains and also help others on the road.

Child of Light.

The game begins with the story of five hills, in 1895 Austria, ruled by the Duke. He had a mysterious wife who died and a daughter by the name of Aurora. After the death of his wife, he married a second time. When Aurora went to sleep on a Friday night, before Easter 1895, her skin became cold as ice. Everybody thinks she is dead.

When Aurora wakes up, she is on an altar in the mythical land of Lemuria. The Lady of the Forest explained to Aurora the history of Lemuria. Once, the land was ruled by the Queen of Light, until one night, when she vanished, the light disappeared. Then it appears, the Queen of Dark, Umbra. She sent her daughters to steal Lemuria's light - the sun, the stars, and the moon. Then Umbra's dark creatures conquered the land. The queen also stole the mirror which links Lemuria to Aurora's world.

Alma P.
3r B

Manga series: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Hi bloggers! I have prepared for you a Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood review:

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is a Japanese anime/manga series about the story of Edward and Alphonse Elric. They are brothers who have lost their bodies, and all the story tells how they recover their common bodies.
The story starts when Ed and Al try to revive their dead mother who died by disease. They begin to investigate about a science called "Alchemy".  While they are searching for more knowledge, they find a way to revive their mother. When they have everything prepared to revive their mother, they initiate the ritual, but they see that something is wrong. One of Ed’s leg and Al’s body are being removed from them by black hands. Ed and Al are seeing "the truth", a door that reveals all the secrets of the Alchemy, while the black hands are taking their bodies.

When Ed returns, he looks for Al but he doesn't find him, so he concludes that his brother has been "killed" and he tries to imbue his soul in a armour, that their parents had in the basement. To achieve this goal, he needs to give his arm as a payment. After that, Al carries Ed to a Prosthetic shop, where he buys a new arm and a leg. Later on, they start to investigate how to recover their bodies. They give up with the investigation of how to revive their mother, because now they know, only God can do it.
It is a very good story, because it has very good plot, an amazing evolution of the characters, and it is very easy to identify/empathize with them.

This anime/manga series is my favourite, I love their characters. The most important ones are the best I have ever seen. If I have to say a mark from 0 to 10, I will say 9.  If you want to be introduced in the Anime world, see this one!

Pau T. 
4t B