Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A Normal Game

Hi bloggers!
We introduced ourselves six weeks ago. When we had a league match and we won second place, since our team lost in the previous game.
This would be the last game; we would find out if we were winners or losers.
The game began, the referee threw the ball and a teammate passed the ball to me, so I grabbed it and without thinking twice threw it at the basket and scored. We had already broken the ice. The match was tied. In the second quarter of the game we were already five points behind, so we thought we would lose the game, but that was not true. We played with team spirit and we went out onto the court with all our strength. The remaining score was eight points up. We started the third quarter but we were getting nervous. The minutes passed, the seconds were faster and faster, but the important thing was that we were winning. The last few minutes of the game were very tense but we won. We had obtained our objective which was to win!

And finally the game ended. We had a very tense but fun party, now we are champions!!

Nerea F. M.
3rd ESO A

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