Thursday, 2 February 2017

Theatre in the School. Behind the Scene

Last Tuesday 31st January, our class went to the theatre to watch how an actress and an actor can perform a real story alone. The participation during the play was volunteer. It was very interactive, so, I have participated and it has been a more exciting experience than staying sitting with the audience. The backstage was so cool! I was with Núria A. and Ángel P. of 4th ESO and Thalía S. and Roc F. of 3rd ESO. We were laughing all the time. We have dressed up like actors of the story for a short time, wearing a pink wig, red glasses, black gloves, a long jacket...
I hope next time, some other students were volunteers because it’s so interesting and funny to act.
Alba F.C. 4th ESO

On Tuesday, we watched an excellent play in English at our school.  The most exciting has been to share a short time with the actors. We have had fun a lot!  At the beginning I was shy and suddenly  I was acting with my partners of 1st and 2nd ESO, Natán T., Lucía C. and Toni S.
I recommend to participate next time!! I won’t forget this experience!!! 
Noa C. 2n ESO B

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