Thursday, 2 February 2017

My holidays in Boliva

Hi bloggers!
The second time I went to Bolivia was when I was 11 years old, I do not remember much of that trip but there are things that I do remember, for example when I played with my brothers in our house, that was under construction. Because it was under construction we slept in my uncles house that, for me, was a mansion because it had three floors and it was very big. I liked to go to my uncle's house, because he had a son that played with me and my brothers. Sometimes when we were tired of sleeping in the house we took a tent and slept outside. Because we had neighbors, sometimes the children of the neighbors would come to play at our house which I liked because we played with balls or with some dolls that I had brought  from Spain.

In addition to being in my uncles house and building our house, we also were going to visit my mother's family that was in Santa Rosa, a town not far from where we were. When we arrived my grandmother welcomed us with a big happy hug. She had a fairly large house which we stayed at for a few days. It was there where I drove for the first time, my father taught me for a few minutes how to change gears ... etc.
Sometimes at my grandmother's house we would go to a farm that was far away, near a river. The trip did not take long because we went at night, which was very cold and we also stopped to see the landscape. When we arrived at the farm we slept because it was late afternoon and at dawn I left the tent and  found a goose which frightened me . When we were returning to Santa Cruz where my uncle lived, we went out every day to visit our relatives and went out for dinner at family restaurants.

In conclusion this trip enchanted me for many reasons, I hope to go again to my country of origin.
Àngel H. R.
3rd ESO B

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