Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Once Upon a Time

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Today i’m going to talk about “Once Upon a Time”, a TV series.
Once Upon a Time was created by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.
The show is based on the theory that there is another world where all the characters of the classic fairy tales exist. That world hasn’t got connection with our world.
It focuses on the characters from various fairy tales and the Evil Queen. She wants to ruin the lives of the other inhabitants because she suffered a lot when she was little and she wanted everyone to pay for what she had to go through. She made a curse, that sent all the people to Storybrook, Maine, where they all live without knowing who they really are, so that she is the only one with a happy ending.
The characters are:
-          Gennifer Goodwin as Snow White
-          Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan
-          Lana Parrilla as Evil Queen
-          Josh Dallas as Prince Charming
-          Jared S. Gilmore as Henry Mills
I like this series because I think it’s very original and because I have always liked the fairy tales.

When I first saw the synopsis I thought it was perfect for me, the fairy tales in our world, that’s what I dreamed when I was little

Laura S. A.
3rd ESO B

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