Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Six Eras of Lady Gaga

·         LADY GAGA the Fame (August 19, 2008):
The first era in Lady Gaga’s career begins when her first album, The Fame, is released. In her songs, performances and fashion style, she focuses on themes of fame, money, sex and sexual identity. Her sound and look during this time are influenced by 80s pop music and glam rockers Queen and David Bowie.
·         LADY GAGA THE FAME MONS┼ER (November 18, 2009):

The Fame Monster marks the second era in Gaga history in which she explores the dark clothing, lace and elaborate masks. Lady Gaga wore her famous meat dress to the MTV Video Music Awards, displaying her rejection of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. She did her first worldwide tour called The Monster Ball Tour.

·         LADY GAGA BORN THIS WAY (May 23, 2011):
 Lady Gaga releases her second studio album, Born This Way, and begins her third era. The controversial album covers political, sexual, and religious topics, but has one overall message: love and respect yourself and others. She started her second world tour called The Born This Way Ball with that era.
·         LADY GAGA ARTPOP (November 11, 2013):
Although the album has already yet to be released, Lady Gaga’s performance at the 2013 VMAs gave her little monsters a peek at her new album’s concept. In this era Gaga talks about different aspects as they are mythology, astronomy, feminism and sexuality. With that era we saw a colourful and more artistic Gaga. She had her third tour called ARTRAVE: the ARTPOP tour. 
·         LADY GAGA CHEEK TO CHEEK (September 19, 2014):
Lady Gaga drew the line with Cheek to Cheek. That CD makes the difference because is a jazz album. The album is released with the famous jazz singer Tony Bennett. That era is so different to the others. She started a tour with Tony Bennett named Cheek to Cheek Tour. This era was so important to the artist because she released her voice power.
·         LADY GAGA JOANNE (October 21, 2016):
After some years without new Lady Gaga music we have Joanne. This album has been released the 21st of two months ago. The title of this CD is in honour of her aunt Joanne, died when she was 19. That era has started now but we can see a more adult way to be of Gaga. The Lady Gaga of nowadays doesn’t wear unusual dresses and strange wigs. She is totally different of her beginning.  

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