Thursday, 8 December 2016

Bloody Mary

Hi guys, in this blog I will explain a creepy urban story about Bloody Mary. The story became popular in the school when many years ago Mary died, and her family buried her. During these ages, people have buried others with a bell next to her.
One day, Mary woke up from his coffin and touched the bell but nobody heard her. The next day, her family watched the bell and opened the coffin. Mary was there with a very bad appearance. Mary said an evil spell, so if you say her name three times watching a mirror, she will appear and kill you.
There are more versions about the story but this is the most popular one. If you wonder why I said a mirror, it is because in the popular culture, people think that the mirror is a door to go to the other world. Other names for Mary are Mary Worth and Mary Whales.
I think that this urban story is false because I have been looking for videos before to investigate about the topic,  and I have never found a real video.
Thank you for reading my blog entry and I hope that you now understand better this urban story.

Alejandro B. G.
3rd ESO A

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