Friday, 2 December 2016

The Best Afternoon with my Friends

The best afternoon with my friends was that day when we went to the bowling alley and I won the game. I was the last one, but I got ahead of myself and put myself first. My friends were surprised, but nobody got angry. After the bowling, we went to the duck's park and we climbed a little mountain and we started to sing and dance the song of "La gatiposa feliz".

When we were bored of staying in this park, we went to the other park and then we came back to our houses, but on the way home we were singing in the street and the other people looked at us. We were happy and we had a good time. When we arrived home, we talked about interesting things but we were calmer now. In short, it was the perfect evening with the right people.

Laia H. M.
3rd ESO B

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