Thursday, 17 November 2016

My song

Hi bloggers!
I'll tell you a story related to a song. A teacher asked us to change the lyrics of a song, and we chose the Aqua’s song, “Barbie girl”.  Here you have the Spanish and the English version of that song.

Suena el teléfono
Gente criticando
Se les va la pinza
Vampiros, monstruos, aliens, gente rara
Grupo crazy se llama “gatiposas”

¡Vamos gatis,
Todos juntos!

Todo empezó
Un día muy normal
Ella habló,
 “gatiposa” dijo
Una hizo coña
Otra hizo un grupo
2 años,
Vamos a por 3.

Esto es todo y ahora aplaudes,
Vamos gente no nos defraudes.

The telephone sounds
People criticizing
They’re getting crazy
Vampires, monsters, aliens, rare people

Crazy group called "gatiposas"

¡Let’s go “gatis”,
All together!

Everything began
A very common day
She spoke
"gatiposa"  she said
One made a joke
Another one made a group
2 years,
We go for 3.

This is all and now you applaud,

Come on people, don’t disappoint us.

José Antonio M. N.
3rd ESO B

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