Friday, 4 November 2016

A Science Fiction Story

Sherlock 3016
Suddenly, I woke up from that dream, it was so strange... By the way, I am Sherlock; I am an investigator in the C.I.A.
I had a very strange case. It was about a girl who had been killed. I was looking for evidences, but I didn’t find nothing. The only thing I could do was making questions to relatives or friends.
When I analysed her blood, I saw that it was not of this world. The girl was from, Cluto, a planet where death was all around. In this planet  there were all sorts of species of aliens, even those that came from films such as Star Wars. I talked with her parents, to explain them what had happened to her daughter, but they just told me, she was addicted to phones. At the same time, I discovered that she had an enemy in her planet. Then I deduced that the case was a cyber murder. All that I had to do was to arrest the offender. The offender lived in the Earth specifically in Europe, in my neighbourhood. Later on, I discovered that he was in my house. Quickly, the C.I.A I imprisoned me but I wasn’t the killer. In prison I could demonstrate my hypothesis with the help of a computer: It was not me, it was an alien that has abducted my body.

Àngel M. M.
3rd ESO B

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