Friday, 4 November 2016

Alycia Burton

Hi bloggers!

I want to explain you some things about an incredible woman.

Alycia Burton is an expert with horses. She has an ability that others don’t have. Horses that have suffered from abuses arrive at her property. Horses have many problems, they need long hours and help for their rehabilitation. She uploaded a Facebook photo on her profile page and the fame started out by accident and surprise. Two million views on her videos and over three million on her YouTube channel. What began started out as playing around in the paddock, has won her international attention.
She was born in 1988 and lived in the north region of Doubtless Bay, on New Zealand’s East Coast. She started on a typical rural farm, with 3 older brothers and hard working parents. When she was 15 years old, she didn’t find one job available and in her small town she started her working career. She traveled to Auckland. After the hard work, and dedication, she has a contract to a long-term property of 20 acres in Karaka, to bed the head of horse racing and training in Auckland. Nowadays she is the owner of her property, and she helps horses that have been considered 'useless'. She is able to transform them into trained athletes, improving their career.
But of all the horses Alycia has one in particular that stands out and holds the key to her heart, Banjo. Alycia and this horse jump together, it is clear that they are in perfect sync with each other, knowing each other's moves and feel the next step. There is nothing more impressive than seeing a rider who loves his horse and a horse committed to complete its rider. That's the connection you see when you see them together.
Alycia’s is unique, she does not follow any method of training, she has learnt thanks to what she knows from her horses, and she is my idol.
Sara P. P.
4th ESO A

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