Thursday, 24 November 2016

My life

Hi bloggers! This is me!

I’m Alba, I was born on 20/02/2002, in Barcelona. I’m 14 years old. My mum’s name is Sonia, my father’s name is Antonio and my grandmother’s name is Pepa, she is always next to me. Pepa is a happy and lovely person. I started school when I was three years old in Sant Gabriel’s school. I used to like Music the most, but now I prefer Maths. Teachers in Primary and Secondary are different.. As you grow up, courses are more difficult, and you must study even more. I have a lot of friends, but few of them are my best friends. I like a lot to live in my city. I like going to the cinema and talking with my friends. I have different hobbies for example dancing and singing. And I also like watching TV and being with my family, but I love being with my friends. The food I like the most is pizza, but I don’t like fish. THIS IS MY LIFE, AND I’M HAPPY OF LIVING IT.

Alba C. L.
3rd ESO A

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