Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Goalkeeper

Hi bloggers! Do you want to know some things about the goalkeeper?

In a football match, there are eleven players playing against another eleven, and in my opinion, the goalkeeper is the most important position in the countryside.
He sees all players, sees all the team and corrects his placement. The goalkeeper has a privileged position in the field.
It is the only person in the team who can touch the ball with his/her hands, and for that reason, he/she can make excellent straights and stops.
The goalkeeper is a decisive man, he/she is the only one who can save the team and is the last man in defense.
As a conclusion, I think that the goalkeeper is a position very underrated, because if a a player scores a goal in a match, there is much talk over the goalkeeper although he had made 3 good saves before.

"The key to a good offense is a good defense"

Àlex A. M.
4t ESO B

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