Tuesday, 4 October 2016

I Need my Campsite

Hi bloggers! I want to tell you things about my campsite.

My camping site is called Mas Sant Josep. It is located in the costa Brava. It is one of the most luxurious there, and it has many places to be with friends. 

My camping is very important for me, because I’ve been staying there since I was 4 years old. In this place, I disconnect myself from everything and I think about my stuff.
I always have fun with my friends and I don’t see my parents during the day so I can do what I want. I have real friends there, who always stay by my side. And as we stay together all the day, our bond is strong. 
Unfortunately, we all live in different places so it is hard for us to see each other.I hope we can be friends for a long time, since they have helped me a lot. They’ve always been there for me when I need them. 


Xènia V. P.
3r ESO B

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