Thursday, 27 October 2016

Papas Locas, a Recipe from the Canary Islands


Last summer, a friend that I know since I was 11 years, came to Barcelona. He is from the Canary Islands, and he stayed in my home for 20 days.
When he came I couldn’t believe that he was here, because that it's almost impossible, but here he was!
We went to the beach lots of times, and we went to see the Camp Nou, because he likes the team. Then we went to the Sagrada Família too, and he visited a lot of places.
He taught us a recipe that it is typical in the Canary Islands (Papas locas).

These are the ingredients: 2 potatoes, sweet ham, cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise, sausages and bacon.
I hope you like it!!
Xavi M. V.
3rd ESO B

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