Thursday, 20 October 2016

Talking About Lindsey Stirling

Okay ummm,  I’m not sure about how to write this blog post because it is the first I do for the school. I'll tell you about a person who is incredible for me.

Lindsey Stirling was born on September 21, 1986 in a city of California, Santa Ana (USA).
When she was little, her family had economic problems, but she said she would not change anything about those moments of poverty when she was small. "It was during those years that I learned that a pair of scissors and a container of paint can transform a cardboard box an adventure spacecraft to Mars ... it was those years that I was taught to dream big, to work hard and enjoy the simple moments of life. "
Since then she began playing the violin. He started going to film school at Brigham Young University. She had a college degree from BYU in recreational therapy, and worked in centers of rehabilitation for teenagers with problems.
In 2010 he was featured on "America's Got Talent" and finished fourth finalist in the fifth season, the judges told her, "You're not very good for jumping and playing the violin at the same time". After that, she said she had learned a lot and that made her to stand up and be stronger.
She began to upload videos on Youtube, thinking that it was funny.
Later, she began to upload her music on Itunes. They were not sold, but after America's Got Talent, her album called “Lindsey Stirling” (2013) were sold quickly.
In May 2014 he released his second album "Shatter Me" Lindsey won the "Best Album Dance / Electronic" by "Shatter Me". On 12 January 2016 he published her first biographical book with her sister Brooke S.
On 28 June 2016 he released her third album called "Brave Enough" with 18 songs including "Bonus Track".

She is currently touring the US and parts of Europe, ending her tour on March 31 in Toulouse, France, where she could attend her last concert.

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