Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Bad Boy's Girl

Hi bloggers!
Today I’m here to talk to you about the book:  "Bad Boy's Girl”: Te odiaré hasta que te quiera.

The writer of this book is Blair Holden, his name in wattpad is @jessgirl93. This book was primarily a phenomenon in wattpad. As he was the winner of 2 Wattis, they decided to release it on paper ... and here we have it.

Tessa is a girl of the bunch. Her life is very complicated, she has lived experiences no one would like to have, and losing her "best friend" is one of them.
Her plan for the last year of High School is to go unnoticed and continue admiring his signing, Jay Stone. But everything changes when Jay's brother, Cole returns. Since Tessa can remember, Cole has made her life impossible, although he’s a very handsome enemy with blue eyes.
Cole challenges her and tests her limits. Through this process, Tessa changes her view ... and sees that sometimes evil is not always who it seems.
As the saying goes: “who love you, will make you rage”.
The second book is called: Bad Boy's Girl: Más razones para odiarte.
Thanks for reading this! Bye!

Lidia D. G.
4t ESO A

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