Thursday, 14 April 2016


Hi bloggers!
Today I'm going to explain you one of my favourite hobbies.
Today, I am writing about how important sport is for me. I think that everybody should practice some sport. It can help you in many things. One thing is that if you do not feel well, you can go to running, etc, and clear your mind. I practice volleyball and I go out for a run. Volleyball for me, is an extraordinary sport because you learn to work together, because it is a sport where you have to trust your teammates.  On the other hand, running is an individual sport, but it makes you think and you can be quiet. I run two days a week, about 8km. Sometimes I run on the sand on the beach and other times I run on the street and I am watching people.  Running is a sport, but you need to prepare your mind before you start running.

Ainhoa P. S.
4t ESO A

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