Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Hockey Is Life
Hello students, I’m David P., from 4th E.S.O. and today I am going to talk about a sport that has made me grown as a person, HOCKEY.
First of all, I will show you a text that a lot of hockey players published in his/her social nets when the murder of a professor occurred here in Barcelona. The killer was a little boy who has serious psycho-problems. Afer the crime, the TV news said that hockey was a very aggressive sport and this was one of the reasons for the crime.
“I’m a hockey player and this sport has proportioned me the values that have made me as person: sacrifice, fight, respect, cooperation, comradeship and overcoming. Then, I say NO to the information twisted by the media. Hockey is not a violent sport.”
Then I want to say that hockey is one of the best sports that have I ever seen. Besides this sport is very uncommon for one reason, it doesn’t move a lot of money, like football or basketball.
Hockey is a sport where you need to practice a lot and improve every day, because not everyone knows how to play this. On the other side, everyone knows how to kick a ball or throw it to a basket. With this arguments,  I don’t want to be misunderstood, but the vision of Spain is this, we search the easiest way to do something.
The truth is that this sport can’t be practiced in any space so it is difficult to see this, but the media in Spain only shows something of NHL when there is a fight, so…
I think that nobody knows that next to the Camp Nou there is an ice Hockey rink. I invite you to see some matches there, it’s free…

David P. M.
4t ESO B

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