Thursday, 14 April 2016

Breaking Bad, TV series

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Have you heard about this TV series?

Breaking bad is one of the most famous and popular series. It was created in 2008 by Vince Gilligan and it is still being awarded. The story is about Walter White (Bryan Craston) a frustrated teacher of physics and chemistry. He doesn’t feel happy with his family, a disabled son and a pregnant woman, and his job doesn’t generate enough money to keep it. For that reason, he works in a car wash in the evenings and he feels ashamed for it.

When he is diagnosed with cancer, he starts to worry about what will happen to his family if he dies, and he wants to give them as best future as possible.

During a raid by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) organized by Hank Schrader, his brother in law (Dean Norris), recognizes an ex-student of his class, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), who makes and sells methamphetamine (a drug). He decides to ask him for help him with the methamphetamine deal. Taking advantage of knowledge of physics, he can produce a better type of meth, “the blue meth”, for which the junkies go crazy. Walter starts to generate a lot of money, and grows in the meth deal, starting to be an expert in it. He turns cruel, and willing to do everything possible to get what he wants.

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