Thursday, 7 April 2016

Anne Frank

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I'm going to explain you the story of this incredible girl!

Anne was a Jewish girl who was hidden for two years a place. Anne had a family her father Otto, her mother Edith and her sister Margot. Anne was given a diary for her birthday, she had never written a diary.

As the family was Jewish, during the War World II, Otto decided they must hide. In the "behind house" where there were factory building works, Otto prepared an enclosure to hide. After a while there, they joined the van Pels family and Fritz Pfeffer the dentist and they received help to hide from their employees.

Anne was always writing something in her diary, every single day in the hideout.
On August 4, 1944, they were arrested.  Anne’s diary was rescued, because they left it in the house back.

Otto Frank was the only one of the eight people there who survived the war. Otto reads the diary and found in it a very different Anne. He was very impressed, and me too!!

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