Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Life in other Planets

Hello friends,
Today I will talk about a controversial topic. Is there life in other planets?? In my opinion, I think that if there's life on Earth, why not on other planets?
As some of us know, where it is more likely is in the red planet known as Mars, because there is not too far from the sun or very close, as our planet. This confirms that living things may be living there, things such as plants, animals and even beings older than us.
However, we cannot confirm this theory because we do not have enough technology to go to Mars.
We also have other planets like Saturn, Uranus or Neptune but as they are quite far from the sun is less likely for their characteristics.

Well guys, this is my idea about the space and its mysteries, I hope you liked it!

Gabriel B. C.
3r ESO B

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