Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Terrorism in Paris

Hi bloggers! I have one question for you: must we be scared?

During the last days, Europe has been scared because of the terrorism. The Paris disaster has alerted the European society, and nowadays everybody is terrified. The incident has had consequences for everybody, directly or indirectly. People who are more scared, are prudent and don't go to important places or to parts of the cities that can be crowded.  They stay in their respective houses or in their neighborhoods’, thinking that there, they will be safer.

But the real dilemma is: how much freedom must we give to be safer, must we lose our intimacy or must we be free to do things? I think nowadays all must be more controlled, and we must transfer some part of our freedom to be safer, to fight against the terrorism.

But I think there is a line that we can't pass, because we can't live so controlled by the authorities. Things happen everywhere, and every time, you can't decide your time to die, so it can happen to you when you don't think it can happen.

Finally, my conclusion is: nowadays we must be more controlled, because it is safer for us to fight against the terrorism, but this can't take out all our freedom. We must follow our common life and don't be scared, because things can always happen. 

Félix M. C.
4t B ESO

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