Sunday, 15 November 2015


Hi bloggers!

Todayl I'm going to explain something about youtube.
YouTube is a Google application where you can find all kinds of videos; I use this application more than others because I can find all that I want to search.
You can find everything from makeup and beauty tutorials until youtubers' channels that create entertainment videos.
What I like most from YouTube is the youtubers' channels, because I enjoy watching them and I have met very friendly youtubers .
The youtubers that I have seen perform parodies, sketches, interact with subscribers, challenges, labels, dailies and more. They are people who have become famous for uploading a video to YouTube and have many visitors and subscribers. Some people think that now YouTube is like having a job because if you are important, you can get a lot of money.
Youtube is like a second TV and nowadays it is very important!

And here you can see my favourite youtubers:

                  JUANMASAURUS            ABI POWER
Judith E. R.
4t A ESO

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