Sunday, 8 November 2015

Manga series: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Hi bloggers! I have prepared for you a Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood review:

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is a Japanese anime/manga series about the story of Edward and Alphonse Elric. They are brothers who have lost their bodies, and all the story tells how they recover their common bodies.
The story starts when Ed and Al try to revive their dead mother who died by disease. They begin to investigate about a science called "Alchemy".  While they are searching for more knowledge, they find a way to revive their mother. When they have everything prepared to revive their mother, they initiate the ritual, but they see that something is wrong. One of Ed’s leg and Al’s body are being removed from them by black hands. Ed and Al are seeing "the truth", a door that reveals all the secrets of the Alchemy, while the black hands are taking their bodies.

When Ed returns, he looks for Al but he doesn't find him, so he concludes that his brother has been "killed" and he tries to imbue his soul in a armour, that their parents had in the basement. To achieve this goal, he needs to give his arm as a payment. After that, Al carries Ed to a Prosthetic shop, where he buys a new arm and a leg. Later on, they start to investigate how to recover their bodies. They give up with the investigation of how to revive their mother, because now they know, only God can do it.
It is a very good story, because it has very good plot, an amazing evolution of the characters, and it is very easy to identify/empathize with them.

This anime/manga series is my favourite, I love their characters. The most important ones are the best I have ever seen. If I have to say a mark from 0 to 10, I will say 9.  If you want to be introduced in the Anime world, see this one!

Pau T. 
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