Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Importance of the Sport

Hi bloggers!

Today I want to explain to you the importance of sports.

To begin, doing sport is important for your health, and for you. When you are practising a sport you only think in this sport, you disconnect from the problems of your routine. So, when you are doing a sport or another physical activity, your brain releases a lot of accumulated tension and some stress, and this is very important to solve the problems and face the days with a big smile and a good attitude.

Also, doing a sport can help some people that are timid or have a low level of self-esteem. This is because if you do a sport with people that also like it, you establish a relationship so good. And if you practise it some days of the week, you will win confidence with the people that also do this sport.

Gerard F. M.
4t ESO B

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