Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Our Science Week

Hi bloggers!

Last Friday we finished the Science Week.

Why is this week different from the others? My answer is that, this week, the reflection of the day only talks about scientific stuff, and we have learned a lot of things like:

·         Why is the sky blue?
·         How is a rainbow formed?     
·         What is the light?
·         How is the ground formed?

A lot of interesting things for people who like Science, but also for people who hate it. This is because they are common questions that people can formulate during their lifetime. To conclude the week, I will answer one more question, and that’s about the gravity (not the film, the strength) or the climate change if you prefer. 

Could the climate change the gravity? And my answer is yes, and it’s simple. The gravity is related with the mass, more mass more gravity and conversely. If the climate changes the physiognomy of the Earth, we could have less gravity in it. And that’s not only a theory, because in the Antarctica the climate change is melting the ice and the scientifics have discovered that the gravity has been decreasing.
Maybe, in the future, the earth would be like the moon! Hehehe I know that you like the idea, but maybe it is more the plot of a film than the real life…
Bye bye! See you soon!

Claudia M. G.
4t A ESO

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