Friday, 30 October 2015

Synchronized swimming

The synchronized swimming is a sport which combines swimming, dancing and gymnastics.
It consists in swimmers who perform some movements in the water following the rhythm of the music.
For this sport, you need flexibility, endurance, art and precision, and a very important thing: a control of the apnea underwater.The groups of this sport are usually duos, but there are teams that practice this:

Nowadays some boys have begun to compete. For example Pau Ribes, he competes with Gemma Mengual in the Spanish Championship.

The competition for swimmers who are over 18, is divided in two parts: technical exercise and free exercise. The judges score the technical quality, delicacy, artistic creation in sync with the music; the strength, the height of each figure and the artistic expression with a maximum of 10 points is verified.
The swimmers may be penalized if they touch the bottom of the pool, rest on the edges or if they show signs of fatigue and do not have any grace or smile.
Some positions are:
                                         Ballet leg double position
                             Vertical position
              Crane position
                            Tuck position
                                        Back pike position
                                       Tub position
                            Split position


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