Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Villarreal CF

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Villarreal CF is a Spanish team. Specifically, it is in Castellon, a province of the Valencian Community. The team was created on March 10th of 1923. The club plays in the first division of Spain that is called “Liga Santander”. In this moment Villarreal CF is in position to go to UEFA Europa League, but the coach says that they want to be on UEFA Champions League next year. To achieve their objective, they have to work hard and be focused on winning points in every match. Nowadays Villarreal CF isn’t in UEFA Europa League because AC Roma eliminates them by winning the qualifying round. The club is called the Yellow Submarine for their uniform, because it has always been yellow and blue.
The uniform of this year is this:

The president is Fernando Roig. The first coach is Fran Escribá and the second coach is Josep Alcácer. The captain is the midfielder Bruno Soriano. The stadium was called El Madrigal, but now it’s called El Estadio de la Cerámica. 
Sergio L. S.
3rd ESO A

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