Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Mysterious Case of Benjamin Button

The story begins in a hospital, where Daisy is with her daughter Caroline. Daisy is dying. Daisy asks Caroline to read to her the diary of Benjamin Button.
Caroline begins to read to Daisy. The diary explains about the history of Benjamin Button, his story begins when he is born, but his birth was not normal, because he was born old.
The mother of the baby died before giving birth and the dad, Thomas Button abandoned the baby in a nursing home.
Queenie ,a worker, decides to take care of him as her own son.
At first Benjamin did not know how to walk and was in a wheelchair. Benjamin on Thanksgiving Day meets Daisy who is 7 years old at the time and her grandmother lives in nursing home. Benjamin and Daisy become good friends.

Little by little Benjamin becomes younger. Benjamin spends his days away traveling the sea, having several romances and adventures.
After several years working, Benjamin returns to the nursing house. When he returns Queenie sees that Benjamin looks younger. In his short stay in the nursing home, he finds Daisy again and she has grown too. Benjamin was beginning to like Daisy, but he did not accept Daisy's feelings because he thought he was too old for her. He wanted a little more time. In addition, Daisy was a professional dancer and Benjamin did not want to distract her. Again Benjamin returns to the tug boat, where he works, and makes many friends. Benjamin returns to nursing house again, and finds his biological father who is asking for forgiveness. Afterwards, Benjamin searches for Daisy, but she had broken her leg and she could not dance anymore.
Years later. Benjamin and Daisy have a daughter, Caroline. At the end of his life Benjamin with become a baby and Daisy takes care of him until he dies.

Caroline now knows who her father is.
Sarai A. A.
4th ESO B

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