Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Dirty Dancing, the Film

It's a romantic, musical film. It's about Baby Houseman (Jennifer Grey) a teenager who goes to the Kellerman's Mountain Hotel Resort with her family during the summer holidays. There she meets Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze). He is a dance teacher at the hotel.
While she is there, Penny, Jonny's dance partner, became pregnant and she can't dance. Baby helps them and Jonny teaches Baby to dance with him because he needs a new dance partner to dance with him in another hotel.
Later they fall in love and Baby has to walk away from her father because he doesn't like Johnny but later he understands him.
This movie was directed by Emilie Ardolino and was written by Eleanor Bergstein.
 It premiered on the 21 August of 1987 and the budget was 6 million dollars.

Judith S. P.
3rd ESO B

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