Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The World of Rhythmic Gymnastics

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This sport combines ballet, dance and gymnastics. In this type of dance we can use some objects like a rope, a ball, a hoop and maces to carry out the exercise.                                                                                                               
Now I am going to talk about the origins.
This sport was born in the XVIII century in all Occidental Europe. The first winner of rhythmic gymnastics was Ludmica Savinkova of the Soviet Union.
In 1983 the rhythmic gymnastics world cub was instituted.
In 1984 it became an Olympic discipline during the L.A. Olympic Games. In this Games Lori Fung, a Canadian woman was the winner.
Years ago, the international federation of gymnastics only recognized the female modality. But in the 70s in Asia, the male category was accepted. The first world rhythmic gymnastics championship male was in 2003.
Now the masculine competitions are accepted around the world.
-Material: plastic
-Weight: 400g
-Material: synthetic material
-Length: the measure of the gymnast
-Material: wood or plastic
-Diameter: 80cm or 90cm
-Material: plastic
-Weight: 150g

And this has been my explanation about this sport.

Gisela G. O. 
3rd ESO A

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