Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why is an American series created by Netflix. Before been adapted to the screen, it was a book written by Jay Asher. It was published in 2009, but it wasn’t very successful.
It all begins with the death of Hannah Baker, specifically with her suicide. One day Clay (Hannah’s frien) arrives from high school and receives a package with 7 cassette tapes engraved on both sides.
The tapes were initially sent to a classmate with instructions to pass from one student to another. In the tapes Hannah explains to the 13 people the way they played a role in her death, giving thirteen reasons to explain why she took her life.

Through each tape, Hannah goes on to explain her pain and all that she has suffered, about how she falls into a depression that ultimately leads her to commit suicide.
Carla G. G.
4th ESO B

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