Wednesday, 11 January 2017

What is Christmas really about?

Oh, Christmas… That time of the year when you spend time with your family, you do some good, and you celebrate Jesus being born, isn’t it?
Since Christmas has just passed, I feel like we should look back at what we did, and see if we all have the same opinion about these holidays. The thing is, we all have been taught what Christmas is and what we are supposed to do. We shouldn’t focus on the presents, right? But we always do.
I feel like Christmas has a bittersweet feeling. Because right now, consumerism rules the holidays. Stores and just business in general take every opportunity they have to make us buy, and buy everything we see. Each year kids want and feel like they need a new toy, a new phone, a new pair of shoes; but why don’t we teach them about what is really important?
After all, those shoes, that phone, or that toy are not going to last forever. It is most likely they are going to last until the next big thing comes out, and then they’ll want that. We, the teens, feel like we need the newest trend, but maybe if we stop being so insecure, we would realize we don’t need that. Perhaps what we really need is to open our eyes and realize how lucky we are.

As a final conclusion, I think we all should just reflect on what holidays are really about. Not about how many presents we get, but about how much we already have, and how many people we make happy.

Thalía S. L.
3rd ESO A

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