Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Is Being a "youtuber" something easy or difficult?

I think that being a  YouTuber is difficult and easy at the same time. The difficult part is that when you create your own channel, you haven’t got followers, so you begin to pay until you have a minimum of visualizations, which is difficult. The funny part is that when you are already “famous", you take products to your house so in your channel, you can recommend them and do advertising. It is something that is free and others desire to make more money. Apart from that, you can send invitations to go to events and you can see the products that you want. If you wish to be a YouTuber in the future, you also have an obligation with the people you see, because if you say that you will upload a video on Tuesday, you cannot do it on Thursday, because perhaps your followers, can stop following you. So if you are thinking about being a youtuber, you should think very well about that before you do it.

Paula R. F.
3rd ESO B

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