Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Ariana Grande, "The Honey Moon Tour" (My Experience)

The concert was in June. To be exact, the 16th of June, 2015. I remember that day with affection. I was so nervous because I was going to see my favorite singer, Ariana Grande. That day I woke up very early, because I was going to camp, to be in the first row.
I was there for 9 hours, the time didn’t pass, it was eternal.
When I was there, I met some girls who were from a WhatsApp group of “Arianators Barcelona”, (internet friends), and for me it was so special because I could meet them in person.
Finally, I entered at the Palau Sant Jordi, but “Grande” wasn’t there. Before Ariana, a girl called Paula Rojo sang, she was a finalist of the program “La Voz”. In my opinion it was very good, but she was a little bit nervous.
And of course, Ariana was amazing, she played all my favorite songs of “My Everything” her new album, and also she sang Yours Truly and explicit songs like “Pink Champagne”.
The truth is that Ariana sings like in the album, it is the same, her voice is so beautiful live.
This year Ariana returns with her new tour “Dangerous Woman World Tour”. I´m sure that it is equal or better than the Honeymoon Tour. 
Gisela C. C.
4th ESO B

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