Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Dinosaurs

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What do you know about dinosaurs?

The dinosaurs were a specie and group of animals that lived in the Triassic Age. The dinosaurs were the dominant and most dangerous terrestrial animals of these Ages. The dinosaurs were extincted around 66 million years ago. The dinosaurs were classified in carnivorous and herbivorous. The dinosaurs could be flying, terrestrial and aquatic. The extinction of the dinosaurs have two theories: the volcan explosion, that is the less confirmed, and the meteorite theory that is more confirmed by the science society, because scientists think that is very probably that the meteorite fell down in the actual Golfo de México for the size and the form of the crater. I agree with this theory because it has more arguments to demonstrate the extinction.

Dani B. E.
4t ESO B

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