Thursday, 26 May 2016

Scream Queens

Hi bloggers!

I'm going to talk about my favourite TV series:

This story talks about one girl that it’s new in the school, and she wants to make friends. She meets a girl, that it is not very popular, but the most popular one, Chanel, talks with them and asked if they want to join the Kappa Kappa Tau (it’s a house with a lot of popular girls), and obviously, they accepted.  Sometimes the house goes creepy, because people die. The first girl was Chanel number 2. Grace Gardner, the protagonist, investigates and finds a red devil… Who’s the killer? *chanchanchaaan*

-         GRACE -------------Skyler Samuels
-        CHANEL------------ Emma Roberts
-        CHANEL 2---------- Ariana Grande
-        CHANEL 5---------- Abigail Breslin
-        CHAD---------------Glen Powell
-        CHANEL 4------------Billie Lourd
-        ZAYDAY------------- Keke Palmer


If you love American Horror Story, it will like you. It’s a mix of horror, comedy and a little bit of love, and a loooooot of deaths.

Sara F. H.
3r ESO A

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