Friday, 6 May 2016

I'm Natasha

Hi I´m Natasha

Yes, I’ll tell you a story, but it’s not an ordinary one, because each child has a different story. But today I will explain my story. It all started when I left a pot belly from a supposed good mother. I have no idea what happened until now that I’m 6 and already have consciousness to know what life is.

When I was little, when I was 4, I remember that a car like a white van, let me in front of a door and I said  ... "knock on the door, knock on the door". Well it seemed that the people that received me were not surprised with my presence and I looked back to ask them what I was doing there and they just were leaving. The orphanage picked me up and told me it was time to take a nap. Well the girls gave me a bed to make the nap and instead of doing so, I began to cry and mourn as they did not know why they left me, either did not know who they were because I didn’t remember. The next day…. What was I doing that day? ... I do not remember, let's say that some months went by. I didn't sleep, instead of sleeping I went where nobody could listen to me at night I locked ... Why was everything so bad? It was really bad. Why not a child under 6 years cannot do the same things like another child: clean clothes, hot water and soap. But I appreciate what I had because they gave me food, bedding, clothing and water. But I think the most important food that person needs is love, but I had no companion, nor the lady who looked after me.

I don’t know if it was after years, months, weeks, but every so on, a van came often with candies or drinks and children rushed. You know, a car full of candies came for children, and the guy got so excited. We all started to run, to hide and eat them quietly. The girls were very bad and every time one of these cars came they took us away from the candies. They had a room full of food, beverages, but they did not share them even if we behaved well. Every year was a torture, but different.

"Awake, awake" “Natasha you have new parents" I was very shocked to know that I had parents, and knowing that the others had left me no chance. The lady helped me to get dress, it was all Texan, jeans, denim jacket and I saw my parents, and I wanted to have parents!

Any coincidence with reality, is anecdotal…
 Júlia A. S.
3r ESO A

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