Friday, 6 May 2016

Macaroni with tuna sauce

Today I’m going to show you a recipe to make macaroni withs auce of tuna
·         600g of pasta
·         100g of tuna in tin (drained)
·         40g of anchovy in tin (drained)
·         150ml of oil
·         150ml of scum
·         1 yolk of egg
·         1 teaspoonful of coffee of black pepper
·         1l of water
TIME: 20 Minutes
1.    Step 1: We boil a litre of water in a medium pot and cook the pasta until it is tender, meanwhile we cover in a deep plate the anchovies with a bit of water and leave them 10 minutes. After that, we drain and dry the anchovies in kitchen paper.
2.    Step 2: In the glass of the mixer we spill the oil, the yolk of egg, the tuna and the anchovies. We beat and add the pepper, continue beating up to obtain a creamy sauce.
3.    Spend 3: We serve in plate together with the sauce and, if we want, we can decorate it with a bit of parsley. I hope you enjoy it!

Bruno L. d S.
3r ESO A

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