Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Fonix 2016

Hi bloggers!

The Ninth English Competition for Catalan Schools (THE FONIX 2016) is designed to promote the use of English among schools students through a fun and educational competition.

The competition has been very hard in school this year, because some students had the same punctuation and we had to raffle of their names to choose the winner. 

Here you have the names of the winners (in capital letters the person who went to the local exam representing the school).

1st ESO:  EMMA G. C. (A)

2nd ESO: MARIA A. P.  (A) 

3rd ESO:  Aina L. P. (A), Andrea S. C. (B) and DAVID P. G. (B)

4th ESO: Félix M. C. (B) and CLAUDIA M. G. (A).

Unluckily, Maria wasn't in the picture because she was ill, and she couldn't go to the exam on Saturday. We wish her a fast recovery, and we are looking forward to seeing her in school again.

Here you have the winners of the local stage in the school before the exam on the 27th February!! We are sure they did their best!!!

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